Model year 2000-2021 OEM-recommended lifting points available in new guide from ALI

Jan. 26, 2021
The 2021 edition of Vehicle Lifting Points for Frame Engaging Lifts from the Automotive Lift Institute includes OEM lifting points for cars, SUVs, vans and light-duty trucks from model years 2000 through 2021.
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A crucial step when raising a vehicle on a frame-engaging car lift like a two-post lift is properly spotting the vehicle. In order to keep the vehicle stable while lifting and to prevent damage, it should be positioned so the lift is making contact only at the lifting points recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. The 2021 edition of Vehicle Lifting Points for Frame Engaging Lifts from the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) includes OEM lifting points for cars, SUVs, vans and light-duty trucks from model years 2000 through 2021. 

“You should never guess where to spot a vehicle on frame-engaging lift,” says R.W. “Bob” O’Gorman, ALI president. “If your guess is wrong, you could damage the vehicle or even worse, it could fall. Take a minute to look up the OEM-recommended lifting points in our Lifting Points Guide. That simple step could save you a lot of heartache.”

ALI annually sponsors an updated Lifting Points Guide as an industry service. Lifting points are showcased in more than 200 undercarriage images. For the latest edition, 2021 model year vehicles were added, some older images were revised and all other images were reviewed to confirm they match current OEM information. The industry standard covering lift operation, inspection and maintenance, ANSI/ALI ALOIM: 2020 requires shops to make lifting points information available to technicians, and ALI Certified Lift Inspectors check for the latest Lifting Points Guide during annual lift inspections. 

The Lifting Points Guide is available in ALI’s online store, and comes with a bonus free Safety Tips Card.

About ALI

The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) has served as the lift industry safety watchdog for more than 75 years. Its mission is to promote the safe design, construction, installation, service, inspection and use of automotive lifts. In 1947, ALI developed the first Commercial Standard covering vehicle lifts published by the National Bureau of Standards. Today, ALI sponsors several national lift safety standards and offers third-party certification programs for automotive lifts and automotive lift inspectors. 

For more information, visit or call (607) 756-7775. You can also connect with ALI on Facebook at, on Twitter at, and on YouTube

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