Driveability Diagnostics: Turning the MIL Off AND Keeping It Off!

Accurate and efficient diagnosis is a tough combination to acquire, especially when you fail to address the root cause of the illuminated MIL!

The Engine Control Module, or ECM, has one job - to protect the catalytic converter so it can do its job of reducing emissions. Problem is, there are numerous faults that can occur that will keep the ECM from doing that job. And when it detects such a fault in any of the systems it oversees, it will turn on the Malfunction Indicator Lamp, or MIL, also referred to as the “Check Engine” light.

While the OEs have come a long way in defining faults, it is still up to us, the professional automotive technician, to determine the actual cause and effect a proper repair. If we miss the mark, the original fault may return or a new one emerges with both scenarios resulting in another MIL illumination, and a disgruntled customer.

Join Pete Meier and G. Truglia for an informative webinar on how to effectively deal with issues related to the Check Engine light. Topics covered will include:

  • An overview of how the ECM monitors the systems and decides when a failure has occurred AND how to use that information to improve your own diagnostic efficiency.
  • Using resources you may not have considered or even knew existed in your diagnostic process.
  • Using all the tools you have at your disposal; scope, DVOM and scan tool, to isolate and confirm the cause.
  • And more!

Thanks to Snap-on Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics, this webcast is offered at NO COST!