Video: Vividia ME Series Borescopes

April 23, 2019
In this video, Oasis Scientific demonstrates the features of the Vividia ME Series Borescopes.
The Vividia ME-610 Automotive Industrial Borescope Inspection Camera is specially designed for automotive inspection and diagnostics. Vividia ME-610 has a 1m long, 6mm diameter probe with 360-degree all-way articulation controlled by joystick. The camera is equipped with a sapphire protective lens, which is impact-resistant, fall-resistant, and scratch resistant. The probe is made from a titanium alloy with high wear resistance. The camera probe and insertion tube are waterproof IP67. Vividia ME-610 gives high quality clear images with high illuminance LED lights. With an 8G mini SD card installed on the monitor, one can take pictures and record videos with Vividia ME-610. Vividia ME-610 is widely used to exam car engine cylinder blocks, valves, piston heads, nozzles, ternary catalytic converters, evaporation tanks, piping and gaps of the car body. Vividia ME Series Articulating Borescopes include three models: ME-610, ME-610C (with air cooling channel for compressed air cooling), and ME-610HT (with air cooling and compact pump for hot engines).