Top 10 diagnostic products: Q3 2023

Oct. 6, 2023
Is your shop looking to upgrade its diagnostic tools and equipment? Check out the most clicked-on diagnostic tools on from the third quarter.

We're in the final stretch now, with just one quarter left until we hit 2024. The holiday season coming up fast, and you can expect to see many deals and discounts from some of your favorite businesses. This makes it the perfect time to replace that thermal imager that's been on the fritz or pick up that new scan tool you've been eyeing. Regardless of your 'why,' this article covers some of the most clicked-on diagnostic tools and updates added to for Q3. 

 Also, if you’re specifically looking at scan tools in your hunt for new diagnostic equipment, be sure to check out PTEN’s 2023 Scan Tool Spec Guide for a comparative list of functions and features for a large selection of aftermarket scan tools.

10. RepairSolutionsPRO App

The RepairSolutionsPRO from Innova Electronics is an app that can be downloaded for the SDS43 and SDS50 tablets in order to access all possible features and functions, including the most comprehensive automotive repair databases with verified fixes, repair tips, TSBs, parts/tools, schedule maintenance, and predictive repairs from ASE Certified master technicians.

9. Blue-Link 2

The Blue-Link 2 from NEXIQ Technologies is a convenient and easy-to-use mobile vehicle interface that enables users to seamlessly communicate with heavy duty vehicles for quick access to basic diagnostic information.

8. ELB300 EV Battery Pack Cell Equalizer

The Launch Tech USA ELB300 EV Battery Pack Cell Equalizer is a battery maintenance diagnostic tool for EV batteries and technology.

7. High-Voltage Module Balancer, No. xMB-9640

The High-Voltage Module Balancer, No. xMB-9640, from Midtronics is designed to assist technicians in performing module-level balancing of EV batteries with speed, efficiency, and safety. 

6. SDS Inspector, No. SDS43

The Innova Electronics SDS Inspector, SDS43, is designed with an intuitive user interface and a streamlined workflow for ease of use.

5. Anyscan A30 Wireless Scan Tool

The Anyscan A30 Wireless Scan Tool from Xtooltech USA is a full diagnostic kit designed to work together with mobile phones and tablets. Both Android and IOS platforms are supported.

4. SDS Tech, No. SDS50

The Innova Electronics SDS Tech, No. SDS50, is designed to be an all-in-one OBD-II diagnostics plus OEM diagnostics tool for professional technicians seeking advanced powertrain diagnostics. 

3. MaxiSYS 909CV Software Update

The MaxiSYS 909CV Software Update from Autel extends basic and advanced diagnostics, including performing active tests and special functions coverage for popular light, medium, and heavy duty 2023 vehicles.

2. Rechargeable Thermal Imager, No. T1270

The Rechargeable Thermal Imager, No. T1270, from Klein Tools is designed to capture, store, and share thermal images with its Wi-Fi capabilities.

1. UltraDiag 2023

TOPDON’s 2023 UltraDiag is a well-rounded diagnostic tool upgraded for the modern automotive market. The device features OBD-II capabilities, full-system diagnostics, and eight maintenance service functions. 

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