Tool Review: Noregon JPRO Professional

March 12, 2018
The reviewer says this tool helps cut a customer’s vehicle downtime in half.

The Noregon Systems JPRO Professional is a multi-brand tool providing a total vehicle view on a single screen in under one minute. Bi-directional testing, more than 44,000 OEM level fault code descriptions and extended service and engine repair information make JPRO Professional a powerful diagnostic tool, according to the company. The tool is designed to help users both decrease repair time and increase uptime.

The review

When diagnosing a vehicle with a scan tool, retrieving fault codes is step one. The next step, and often the most time-consuming, is figuring out where to go from there.

Jeremy Phelps, an ASE certified general manager at Pilot Travel Centers, says the Noregon Systems JPRO Professional simplifies the fault code information, ultimately saving time for him on the job and cutting downtime “in half” for his customers.

“Most other scanners just throw a code at you and you spend excessive amounts of time just trying to figure out the code,” Phelps explains. “JPRO gives you the code and an explanation of the code so our techs know exactly where to look for the problem.”

The JPRO features aftertreatment capabilities, a feature frequently used by Phelps, and bi-directional tests.

“The bi-directional test feature saves a lot of time and allows us to diagnose, test and reprogram features on customer vehicles,” Phelps says. “That not only saves us time and money, but, more importantly, helps our guests get back on the road and alleviates downtime.”

Pilot Travel Centers in Blacksburg, South Carolina, used JPRO on any trucks or trailers that came through the shop with a “check engine” light or computer problems.

“We are able to simply hook up to the vehicle and pinpoint the problem very quickly,” Phelps says. “The aftertreatment feature that JPRO Professional has is our most used feature and helps us to accurately pinpoint any aftertreatment issues that the tractor may be having. We have saved our guests thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs just by using the JPRO and getting real-time, accurate information that our customers have come to trust from us.”

The tool includes trailer ABS diagnostic capabilities and the ability to print comprehensive diagnostic reports.

A feature that Phelps would like to see implemented in future updates would be the ability to program body controllers.

Phelps says the JPRO is simple to navigate, even for first-time users, and Noregon’s U.S.-based customer service has been helpful with any issues that may come up during real-time diagnosis.

Overall, Phelps says the JPRO Professional has been a “huge asset” to his shop.

“JPRO Professional cuts downtime in half for our customers,” Phelps says.

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