VIDEO: Power Tool Battery CORE18V

Aug. 8, 2017
This video features the Power Tool Battery CORE18V from Bosch.

Power tool batteries are providing more power, but many are becoming much larger; the Bosch CORE18V Battery, however, provides power at minimal weight. It is part of the REVOLT 18-volt cordless product system that offers more performance than the previous generation of 18V batteries, but it is compatible with the lineup of Bosch 18V tools.

How does this happen? Bosch employs the 20700 cell, which for a slight increase in size is able to produce up to 80 percent more power than the standard 18650 cell, according to Bosch. There are other engineering requirements to take full advantage of the advanced Lithium-ion technology, such as welded connections for efficiency and CoolPack 2.0 for cooler operation. But the bottom line is that the CORE18V produces up to 1,440 Watts of energy, 80 percent more than previous-generation cells.
Watch the video to learn more.