Electronic Specialties releases Deluxe DMM with Amp Shutters

Feb. 27, 2015
The Deluxe DMM with Amp Shutters, No. 582, is part of ESI’s line of professional hand held test equipment.

Electronic Specialties recently introduced its newest test instrument, the Deluxe DMM with Amp Shutters, No. 582. According to the company, the 582 offers a very unique system of Amp Shutters which block the unused test lead jacks.  The amp shutters prevent mistake operation, reduces blown fuses and greatly improves user safety. 

When users move the DMM test function from voltage to amps, the function selector dial is blocked and it won't move to the Amps function until the user removes the red test lead from the V-jack. Once removed, the shutter swings up inside the DMM and the Amps jack opens. Then the red test lead can be pushed into the Amp jack. Only after the red test lead is removed from the V-jack can the operator then switch the DMM to the Amps function. 

The 582 also features a fused 20 Amp test range in both DC and AC.  This higher testing range can be quite desirable for some technician applications, says the company.  Most DMM's maximum amp test range is 10A, so the 582's higher 20A range can be an important buying consideration.

Among other notable features are the highly visible, extra-large 2" digits with backlighting.  According to the company, the large size of the 2,000 count LCD display makes the numbers legible from across the room.  This DMM also has a data-hold function and built-in temperature readings in both F and C, temp probe included. 

The complete list of testing functions includes:  DC/AC Volts, DC/AC Current, Resistance, Frequency, Capacitance, Temperature F & C, Audible Continuity and Diode Test.

The 582 has 10 Meg/Ohm input impedance, so it is safe to use on any automotive electrical system.  This tester is fuse and overload protected and comes with a one-year warranty. 

The unit comes with 40” test leads, temperature probe, installed battery, zippered carrying case and instruction manual.  The 582 is part of ESI’s line of professional hand held test equipment.  Literature can be obtained free by calling 800-227-1603.

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