Innovation Award Profile: KNIPEX Tools 4" Pliers Wrench

Dec. 7, 2023
Q & A with Peter Grable, product manager at KNIPEX Tools.

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Q: What makes this product innovative? 

A: One of the key things about this tool is the size. It’s only 4” in length...[and] has a 3 1/4" jaw capacity. The jaws are smooth, so it won’t mar any surfaces [and] it has a one-hand adjustment. What I mean by that is there’s no push-button like our other tools. All you have to do is lower the tool one way and push it together, it’ll close onto the fastener. It also has a box joint design, 10 adjustment positions, and a textured handle at the back for better grip. One of the key things that people come up and tell us is that they’ll pull the tool out of their pocket and say, “I carry this tool all the time every day.” That's one of the coolest compliments we get about this tool. 


Q: What was the inspiration behind creating this product? 

A: We got a lot of feedback from customers saying, "I really need to get into some tight areas. I like the design of the pliers wrench that you have, can you make something smaller?" So, lo and behold, we came up with the 4”. That's kind of the basic premise behind the inspiration for the tool. 


Q: How will this product improve the lives of technicians and shop owners?  

A: Like I mentioned before, a lot of our customers put this in their pocket for everyday carrying [and] the amount of projects they work on is unbelievable. They'll say, "I got in a really tight area [and] this was the only tool that I could use to get into that tight spot and finish the job." That's the real reason for it. 


Q: What has the feedback been like from technicians who have purchased this tool?

A: It's been outstanding, I mean, every show that we go to [people] come up and tell us that [it's] the coolest tool they've seen. If they haven't seen it, we show it to them. They [say], "Wow, that is really cool. I want that tool; I have to have it." So, that's really cool for us.


Q: Is there anything else you think our readers should know about the tool?

A: We've covered all the major highlights on it, [but] one of the key things is that if you're used to using [KNIPEX's] other pushbutton tools, this one doesn't have the pushbutton. All you have to do is just lower the handle all the way down and then push it back up. Another key feature is the chrome finish. The nice thing about the chrome finish is, if you're working in an environment that has some chemicals [present], it is a little more chemically resistant than other finishes. 

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