Up Close: Electronic Specialties Super Relay Buddy & Super Relay Buddy Pro Kit

Dec. 2, 2022
The Super Relay Buddy utilizes a quick 10-second test that confirms or condemns a relay, freeing up the technician's time for further troubleshooting.

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The Electronic Specialties Super Relay Buddy is deployed when a vehicle is displaying electrical problems and various parts of the electrical circuit are suspect. A quick 10-second test confirms or condemns the relay, freeing up time for further troubleshooting.

Features and benefits 

  • There are two options to go with - Super Relay Buddy, No. 194 and Pro Kit, No. 195 with adapters for extended test coverage.
  • Super Relay Buddy applies a full 7A load on the relay. During the test, the voltage drop is monitored. If there is excessive voltage drop or the relay has other issues, it is failed.
  • Test results are displayed as green (pass), red (fail), and yellow (caution). The yellow test result is a new feature. It is displayed when the voltage drop on the relay is excessive, but the relay is still functioning.
  •  Super Relay Buddy eliminates the need for that drawer full of “known good” relays.
  • The tester simulates actual operating conditions by applying a full 7A load. This helps to identify and flag intermittently failing relays. Better test = higher accuracy. 


Testing the relay “off the car” was the goal. After seeing the traditional methods of testing relays, we felt there has to be a better way. Traditional methods consume too much time, we wanted a faster way to test relays.

Manufacturing/engineering specifications 

  • Super Relay Buddy tests 12V relays.
  • The tester uses the vehicle battery as its power source. No internal batteries.
  • Super Relay Buddy, No. 194 tests seven different relays.
  • Super Relay Buddy Pro Kit, No. 195 tests 10 different relays.
  • Housing is plastic with a soft rubber perimeter, which will protect the surface of any vehicle it comes into contact with. 
  • The unit is lightweight, around 1lb. 

Information provided by Electronics Specialties 

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