Tool Review: Flexzilla Air Compressor with Silencer, 1-Phase, 2-Stage

“This is by far the quietest compressor that we’ve ever owned,” the reviewer says.

Fs05 V080 I1 Nonretail

The review

Things in the automotive business may be ever-changing, but the need for shops to have pneumatic tools will never change. “It’s definitely a must-have tool,” says Dennis Gregory about Legacy Manufacturing’s Flexzilla Air Compressor with Silencer, 1-Phase, 2-Stage, No. FS05V08I1. Gregory is the owner of Xtreme Unlimited, a repair shop in Prescott, Arizona.

“The biggest thing is the fact that it’s very quiet … I’ve owned probably ten compressors over the years, and this is by far the quietest compressor that we’ve ever owned,” Gregory says, noting that whether the air compressor is in an enclosed space or not, the noise is never obtrusive.

When it came to setting up the air compressor in his shop, Gregory notes the process was actually quite simple. All he and his technicians had to do was place the compressor and perform a simple hook-up to tie it into the air system in the shop. The last part of the set-up was the electrical connection, which Gregory said most electricians can handle.

Not only was set-up easy, using the machine is a “no-brainer,” Gregory says. “You turn on a switch.” The manual the air compressor came with was also easy to understand with its well-written directions.

The compressor itself doesn’t come with any accessories, but after purchasing it, Gregory did add a few things.

“As far as the unit itself, it comes ready to go. There’s nothing you need to add. Here in our shop – just the way it’s plumbed – [we needed to add] plumbing stuff. We [also] added a dryer to eliminate any water that gets into [the] air system,” he says.

Another feature of the air compressor Gregory likes is how the machine is set up for servicing.

“Compressors are pretty simple things, there’s not a lot to them, but down the road … we will [have to] change the belts that drive the system, and it looks to me like it’s going to be very simple compared to some of the other units I’ve had,” he says.

Since receiving the air compressor, Gregory guesses his shop has already put a couple hundred hours on it. The compressor has been used for custom Jeep modifications, custom fabrications, and a lot of early street rod manufacturing.

Overall, Gregory is very happy with the Flexzilla Air Compressor. The only concern he had before purchasing the machine was needing to know the size of the fitting that comes out of the side that would tie into the shop's air system. With one phone call to Legacy, Gregory says he was quickly provided with the information he was looking for..

“I wasn’t on the phone a minute and had the question answered,” he says.

Although Gregory hasn’t had the air compressor long, it has served him well thus far.

“[This air compressor] has been as good or better than advertised," he says. "The quality … is perfect.”

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