Polyance offers two types of hand sanitizer

May 29, 2020
The company released a liquid-style and a gel hand sanitizer, formulated in accordance with the World Health Organization’s formulation.

Polyvance is offering two types of hand sanitizer to help fill the supply gap in today’s market. This project was the brainchild of Polyvance factory employees as a way to both help people out and to make use of idle machinery and supplies.

The HS-236 is a liquid-style hand sanitizer manufactured by Polyvance under a temporary FDA exemption. This liquid sanitizer is made to the World Health Organization’s formulation which is 75 percent by volume isopropyl alcohol.

Polyvance also offers a gel hand sanitizer, HS-236G. This hand sanitizer is manufactured for Polyvance in an FDA-approved facility and packaged by Polyvance. This formulation has a higher viscosity better suited for easy dispensing from the large hole in the flip-top cap. Both versions are packaged in an 8 fluid oz. bottle with a flip-top cap.

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