Diagnostic Network and PTEN deploy Disaster Support user group

March 23, 2020
The Disaster Support user group is designed to help vehicle service industry professionals during disasters.

Diagnostic Network partnered with Professional Tool & Equipment News (PTEN) to launch a new, special-use user group designed for members to coordinate in response to disasters like COVID-19. The new Disaster Support user group will enable members to post requests and offers for help, bounties, tips, and more.

“As the coronavirus outbreak continues to escalate nationally, with many residents forced to stay home, repair shops are essential lifelines to support necessary motor vehicle operations for medical professionals, emergency responders, and essential services such as the critical delivery of supplies to businesses and residents,” said Scott Brown, Diagnostic Network’s industry ambassador.

“During these challenging times, obtaining shop materials, tools, automotive parts, and even help is becoming increasingly difficult. We hope the Disaster Support user group can bring together vehicle service professionals across the world, allowing them to support each other by sharing parts, tools, supplies, and most importantly, their valuable expertise,” said Kylie Hirko, publisher, PTEN.

Diagnostic Network’s existing tokens and bounties features allow members to easily pay each other for additional help and could be used in novel ways for the new challenges posed by COVID-19, such as sourcing parts, inventory, and additional expertise among members. Diagnostic Network has eliminated all token fees at this time.

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