Actron introduces new scan tools

Jan. 1, 2020
Actron introduced ABS BrakeScan (CP9449) at AAPEX.

Actron, a manufacturer of automotive diagnostic tools and a business unit of SPX Service Solutions, introduced ABS BrakeScanä (CP9449) at AAPEX on Wednesday. Automotive do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) for the first time will be able to diagnose ABS-related faults when the brake warning light turns on.

This is designed to be an affordable alternative for diagnosing brake problems by displaying ABS trouble codes and definitions on an easy to read backlit display, according to Ryan Sweeney, marketing analyst for SPX Service Solutions. ABS BrakeScan eliminates guesswork and helps identify the parts required for brake repair. Systems diagnosed include wheel speed sensors, ABS solenoids, the brake control module, ABS pump motor, vehicle speed sensors and more.

“This simple to use scan tool plugs into the vehicle’s OBD II port and provides coverage for most OBD II domestic vehicles 1996 and newer (GM, Ford and Chrysler),” Sweeney says. “ABS BrakeScan is updatable online, features an ABS code library, retains the most recent vehicle scan, and has intuitive help screens.”

The tool targets the 19 million DIYers who had their brakes worked on professionally during the past 12 months, the company said.
Optional battery power enables ABS BrakeScan to save and review data when not connected to the vehicle.  ABS BrakeScan kits come equipped with the CP9449 handset, detachable vehicle cable, a durable/soft carrying case, and a Quick Start manual.

The company also introduced:
• PocketScanâ Plus (CP9410), an OBDII code reader that eliminates guesswork about the severity of a problem when a vehicle’s check engine light is illuminated. PocketScan Plus provides an immediate, on-screen recommendation, indicating how urgent the problem may be to the vehicle’s drivability.  It identifies the problem code and takes the next step of immediately advising how soon a vehicle should be repaired. Depending upon the trouble code indicated, it displays a red, orange, yellow or green urgency indicator:

Functions and features include: Auto-Link, which automatically links the vehicle computer when the code reader is connected to the vehicle port; a USB port for product updates; an enhanced, easy-to-read backlit display; an optional battery feature to retain and review information even if the reader is not connected to the vehicle; and access to an online information database for additional information that lists the component(s) causing the problem, possible symptoms, and common causes related to trouble codes.

• Two scan tool kits featuring the CP9185 Elite AutoScanner and the CP9190 Elite AutoScanner  Pro. The kits containing the Elite AutoScanner and Elite AutoScanner Pro perform a broad range of key diagnostic and emission test functions. They include OBD II enhanced codes and feature CAN functionality. The code readers feature the ability to read, record and playback live sensor data, erase trouble codes, perform O2 monitor tests, graph engine data, review data off-vehicle and print it, and reset the check engine light.

They also display freeze-frame data, which provides a “snapshot” of the vehicle’s operating conditions at the time of the fault. A backlight screen provides easy readability even in low light conditions. Additionally, the CP9190 will perform diagnostics on OBD I vehicles including 1984–1995 Ford and GM vehicles, as well as 1989-1995 Chrysler vehicles and features TrueLink, a proprietary technology that guarantees linking and communication to every OBD II compliant vehicle, which includes all vehicles manufactured or sold within the U.S. since 1996.

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