Autoflow announces deferred services reminder feature

June 5, 2023
In order to boost business and engage customers, Autoflow has announced a deferred services reminder feature to its marketing module add-on.

Autoflow has expanded its marketing module add-on to include a new feature that is meant to revolutionize how auto repair shops engage with their customers. 

The new deferred reminder feature is available to history-integrated auto repair shops, allowing them to send automated reminders regarding deferred services to their customers. Each customer receives a unique link to view individual deferred services from their previous visit and then schedule a service appointment. 

 “At Autoflow, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to help auto repair shops streamline their processes and have meaningful engagement with their customers," said Vice President of Marketing, Jeremy Glassco. "The deferred services reminder feature is a game changer. It gives auto repair shops an easy and effective way to drive more business and build stronger customer relationships, while helping customers stay on top of their vehicle’s maintenance needs, ultimately saving them time and money.”

By integrating the deferred services reminder feature into the existing marketing module, Autoflow hopes to become an industry leader in marketing solutions that can help auto repair shops automate processes such as email campaigns, appointment reminders, customer feedback, and now, deferred service reminders.

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