Diagnostic Network Announces User Groups

CLAREMONT, Calif.June 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Diagnostic Network released a major new feature today, called "User Groups," which allows its members to create their own communities on its discussion platform focused on the vehicle service industry. While Diagnostic Network already provides over 30 topics its members use to discuss a variety of auto service industry issues, User Groups offers an opportunity for thousands more.

"We envision User Groups being leveraged by Diagnostic Network members interested in driving discussion among their peers on a variety of auto service industry topics that they are passionate about," said Scott Brown, Diagnostic Network President. "We're fascinated to see what they create. With the vehicle service industry rapidly changing, there's never been a more important time to provide better ways to communicate within a professional environment. We have a tremendous opportunity to open up the lines of communication among those facing challenges daily within the vehicle service ecosystem: service technicians, managers, owners, OEMs, tool vendors, industry associations — everyone," said Mr. Brown.

Members can instantly create open and closed user groups, and even invite colleagues to help them manage their groups. Open user groups provide the widest visibility, while closed user groups are partially visible, allowing group managers to control access. Private user groups are also available, providing a custom community platform for more advanced use cases. 

"We now offer something for everyone: our existing core discussion topics, which drive our community; open user groups, for members to spearhead discussion on more specific topics they're interested in; closed and private user groups, which empower our members and partners to effortlessly create their own communities," said Mr. Brown.

Diagnostic Network is a next-generation community platform designed to enable successful repair of modern vehicles through peer discussion, partner collaboration and education. Diagnostic Network officially went online May 27, 2018through the support of industry partners who provide the tools, equipment, software, and training for the vehicle service industry. Diagnostic Network is focused on creating a bi-directional channel between all parties.

The regular subscription price is $19.99 per month or $219 per year. Visit diag.net for more information, or contact [email protected].

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