University of the Aftermarket Foundation recognizes, thanks volunteer scholarship reviewers

Aug. 3, 2021
Additional volunteer evaluators are needed
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As the University of the Aftermarket Foundation (UAF) awards hundreds of scholarships for the 2021-22 school year, the foundation takes the opportunity to acknowledge the individuals who volunteered their time during April and May to review and evaluate the applications and to call for more volunteer evaluators.

“Volunteers are the backbone of many non-profit organizations, and they certainly are for UAF,” said Bob Egan, MAAP, UAF chairman. “One of the most valuable and needed volunteer roles that is critical for the success of our scholarship program is the volunteer evaluators, and we thank all those who donated their time to this important program.”

Team Leaders recognized by UAF are: Brian Cruickshank, Jim Eady, Rick Guirlinger, Jennifer Hollar, Scott Howat, Vonda Lee, Larry Pavey, Robert Roos, Danielle Sonnefeld, Chuck Udell, and Judy Walter. 

Team Members recognized by UAF are: John Albano, Mike Antonelli, Doug Arnold, George Arrants, Julie Becker-Myers, Jehan Beg, Richard Beirne, Ethan Bregger, Jim Buzzard, Mike Buzzard, Robert Castle, Barbara Clark, Josh D'Agostino, Ray Datt, Bob Egan, John Frala, Byron Frantz, Chris Gardner, Bob Gracey, Todd Hack, Bill Hanvey, Mike Harvey, Steve Hoellein, Tanya Hunt, Roy Kent, John Koch, Peter Kornafel, Doug Kubinak, Elle Lawhead, Mike Lerch, Randy Lisk, Randal Long, Scott Luckett, Molly MacKay Zacker, Paul McCarthy, Dave McColley, Gary McCoy, Rob Merwin, Phil Moore, Stave Nichols, Mark Phillips, Nick Porrini, Skip Potter, Chris Pruitt, Kathleen Schmatz, Rick Schwartz, Bobby Segal, Mark Seng, Steve Sharp, Eric Sills, Janet Small, Joe Stephan, Bill Stroupe, Pat Taylor, Traci Taylor, Louise Veasman, J.C. Washbish, John R. Washbish, Dennis Welvaert, Rich Zeichner, and America Zwecher.

“Every year, we get the opportunity to read inspiring stories of students who have a real passion to join the automotive aftermarket and we get to help support those dreams. It is a very rewarding process and I feel excited for the future of our industry with these students as our next generation of leaders,” said Danielle Sonnefeld, AAP, chair of the UAF scholarship committee. “We are fortunate to have reviewers that have been supporting the program for more than 20 years and welcome additional volunteers.”

To become a UAF scholarship reviewer, email Sonnefeld at [email protected] or visit to sent a message to the foundation.

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