Are flying cars coming soon? Legislation may pave the way

Jan. 25, 2024
Two U.S. companies and two European companies are projected to start production of roadable aircraft in 2025.

Across the U.S., legislative bodies are working to ensure that roadable aircraft can be registered and licensed in all 50 states. Samson Sky and Alef (two U.S. companies), and Pal-V and Klein (two European countries), are projected to start production in 2025. 

As with any small aircraft, users are not allowed to takeoff from or land on any public roads in flyding mode, except if you have decalred an emergency, as is accepted under existing rules for aircraft. The new legislation specifies that drivers of roadable aircraft are required to adhere to the rules of the road while driving, the same as any other vehicle. 

Samson Sky was one of three flying car companies who provided industry input to New Hampshire's House Transportation Committee, resulting ina historic milestone with the 2020 passage of the first ever legislation for state registration of roadable aircraft. The bill, dubbed the "Jetson Bill," included wording to allow their use on state roads and highways. Other stakeholders included flying car companies Terrafugia and PAL-V. 

With the Jetson Bill as a precedent for nationwide flying car regulations, Samson is currently working with a number of other states on similar legislation. Russel Bousfield, Samson's legislative analyst, affirmed that bills are actively being drafted which are projected to be introduced into committee in 2024, in eight of the more populous states. 

"We're very excited to provide industry to state legislators who are laying the foundation for this new form of transportation," said Bousfield. "It's been very rewarding to ork with influential lawmakers that share a desire to bring about new technologies and advancements in aerospace."

Many states are interested in encouraging job and industry growth, and high-tech jobs are one way to bring more skilled jobs into their communities. 

Samson's flying sports car, which had its maiden flight in November of 2023, has a hybrid electric system that uses unleaded auto gas rather than leaded aviation fuel. Owners can fuel up at any auto gas station. The Switchblade's Skybrid hybrid electric drive system for flying cars is also cutting edge, and sets the stage for future all-electric versions of this flying car. 

The Switchblade seats two, side-by-side, with room to store travel bags, and flies up to 500 miles on a single tank of gas. 

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