A tour of SEMA: What's new in 2023

Sept. 13, 2023
With more than 2,200 total exhibitors set to attend the SEMA Show this year, there's expected to be several thousand new products unveiled.

The SEMA Show in Las Vegas will see more than 2,200 exhibitors, with more than 400 new ones announced to have signed up, showing off several thousand new products.

As the specialty-equipment industry continues to grow, new ideas, emerging technologies and transport options, and fresh possibilities continue to reveal themselves. The annual SEMA Show is one place where these ideas, technologies, and possibilities are discussed and picked up by people in the industry. 

"No two SEMA Shows are ever alike," said SEMA Trade Show Director Andy Tompkins. "Every year is a new year, filled with opportunities, new exhibitors, and new concepts. There are new products, new advancements, new launches, and new brands that have never been part of the Show before."

In order to help attendees plan their experience at SEMA, SEMA News asked Tompkins for a quick tour of additions and changes to the Show.

West Hall: The SEMA Show Main Stage Experience

Highlighting the 2023 Main Stage Experience will be athlete and car enthusiast Tim Tebow, who will deliver a keynote address. 

"In terms of brand-new offerings, we've entirely re-envisioned our educational events and seminars," said Tompkins.

Seminars will be offered before the show's opening, allowing exhibitors greater access to the education tracks. Additionally, there will be more than 99 seminars offered throughout show week and several keynote speakers and events on the show floor itself. These include the Women in Automotive Symposium, the Digital Marketing Boot Camp, and SEMA's first-ever EV certification program in partnership with Legacy EV. 

West Hall Diamond Lot: The Overland Experience

The Overland Experience will undergo a repositioning for the 2023 Show, moving outdoors. 

"This section begs to be outdoors, so we're excited to be relocating it to the Diamond Lot," said Tompkins. "The Overland Experience is a unique showcase centered on outdoor recreation, and this change really gives us a chance to educate attendees about pastime's vehicles, accessories, and lifestyle in a setting that they're designed for."

North Hall: The New Products Showcase

The New Products Showcase is one of the more popular destinations for attendees and buyers, so the decision to move it to the North Hall makes it more convenient than ever, according to Tompkins. 

"What hasn't changed is the showcase will once again be one of the largest collections of new products in the world," Tompkins said. "We expect over 1,700 new innovations, so this section is a great chance for buyers to understand the latest trends and really see the products up close."

Using the SEMA Show app, attendees can scan the products that most interest them to collect data on the manufacturer and map a route to their booth. 

North Hall: First-time and featured exhibitors

This exhibit is composed mostly of exhibitors new to the show, representing an opportunity to keep pace with a changing industry. 

"It's really a dedicated area where you'll see a variety of innovations, meet new exhibitors, and become acquainted with a host of newly introduced products from the different business categories, including restyling, restoration, global tire companies, and more," noted Tompkins. 

North Hall: The Art Walk

"This year [the Art Walk] will span the width of the hall, creating a unique showcase between the Business Services and Mobile Electronics sections," said Tompkins. "The Art Walk reflects the automotive culture and lifestyle that surrounds the SEMA Show. It's a chance for show-goers who love the industry to experience an artistic point of view and purchase some unique posters, lithographs, and paintings."

Central Hall: The EV and Future Propulsion feature

Traditionally, Central Hall is home to the Racing & Performance, Hot Rod Alley, and Restoration Marketplace sections, among others. This year, the hall adds the rebranded SEMA EV and Future Propulsion area, formerly known as SEMA Electrified.

Expanded for 2023, the space will feature SEMA-curated exhibits and demonstrations, along with an adjacent area for brands to display products and innovations.

"There will be discussions, workshops, and meet and greets," Tompkins added. "We'll also be engaging the media. You'll see a great synergy between what SEMA is showcasing and what the industry is doing in its own right."

Central Hall: SEMA Data

SEMA Data is the association's industry initiative to connect manufacturers and resellers through the sharing of product data. Located in the Central Hall, the SEMA Data booth is set to introduce a whole new series of programs to show attendees.

"For one, SEMA will be promoting a whole new subscription program, so visiting the booth affords both exhibitors and attendees a great opportunity to learn more about data compliance and leveraging clean data to drive business," said Tompkins.

South Hall: The SEMA Garage, SCRS

This year, the SEMA Garage relocates to the west portion of the Upper South Hall with a greatly expanded exhibit focusing on ADAS and other automotive and manufacturing technologies. "It will be a highly interactive area focusing on trends in product development, emissions testing, and ADAS calibration after vehicle repair or modification, and more," said Tompkins.

With locations in Diamond Bar, California, and Detroit, the SEMA Garage program gives SEMA-member businesses access to high-tech tools and equipment they need to get products off the drawing board and into their customers' hands. Offering services like 3-D scanning, 3-D printing, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) testing, vehicle measuring sessions, fully equipped bays, emissions testing, and certification, the garages are the only known facilities of their kind in the U.S.

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