Endeavor Business Media Acquires IMR

May 10, 2023
Endeavor Business Media, the parent company of Auto Service Professional, announces the acquisition of IMR Inc., a full-service automotive market research firm and leading provider of comprehensive insights and analysis.

Endeavor Business Media announces the acquisition of IMR Inc., a full-service automotive market research firm and leading provider of comprehensive insights and analysis. Through time-tested methodologies and approach to research, IMR Inc. provides the intelligence necessary for expert-level understanding of the market forces that shape customer decisions.

 “We are pleased to welcome IMR Inc. to Endeavor Business Media and are confident that their market research capabilities will highly complement our Business Intelligence division, as well as our Commercial Vehicle and Vehicle Repair markets,” said Chris Ferrell, CEO of Endeavor Business Media. “IMR will be invaluable in expanding our ability to provide expert analysis, analytics and insights to our customers so that they can make more successful, informed business decisions.”

 Published in various industry association status reports and factbooks as well as in many trade magazines, IMR is known throughout the industry for curating thoughtful, compelling and actionable insights that companies can use to make informed decisions about various marketplaces, brands, and products. Just a sample of IMR’s custom research capabilities include path-to-purchase/shopper insights, segmentation and growth opportunities, brand health, brand attitude & usage, customer experience and satisfaction, competitive positioning and merchandising/POS evaluation.

 “For more than 45 years, our team has used our industry-leading data and methodologies to help customers gain a deep understanding of industry trends to build their business intelligence to promote future growth,” said Bill Thompson, CEO of IMR. “In joining the Endeavor Business Media family, our customers can expect even more robust offerings and innovative platforms to help them create ways to drive their businesses forward.”

"I am excited to welcome IMR into the Endeavor family. IMR offers valuable research and data services to the transportation market, perfectly complementing the Vehicle Repair and Commercial Vehicle offering. We are thrilled to bring the IMR and Endeavor teams together and leverage important synergies to accelerate our research capabilities that will help better serve our customers. The highly qualified experts at IMR will help EBM deliver quality solutions and services to our customers,” says Kylie Hirko EVP, Transportation.

Chris Messer, VP / Group Publisher of the Vehicle Repair group says, "many of our aftermarket customers already rely on IMR's industry-leading research and data offerings to run their businesses successfully. This, coupled with the Vehicle Repair Group's large reach of automotive professionals through the Aftermarket Business World, Auto Body Repair Network (ABRN), Automotive Service Professional, FenderBender, Modern Tire Dealer, Motor Age, National Oil and Lube News (NOLN), Professional Distributor, Professional Tool & Equipment News, and Ratchet+Wrench channels, creates exciting new opportunities in both directions, for our customers and audiences alike." 

M&A Advisory Services for IMR were exclusively provided by Jeff Gruenhut, Senior Vice president Grimes, McGovern & Associates.

For more information, visit www.endeavorbusinessmedia.com or www.automotiveresearch.com.

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