Motor Age Tech Tips--Optimize Performance and Durability with bproauto Loaded Struts

April 23, 2024
Sponsored by bproauto

Today’s Tech Tips highlights the importance of suspension maintenance and how impactful these services can be on a customer's driving experience.

Suspension upkeep is key to ensuring smooth, safe vehicle handling. In this video we will demonstrate why replacing both springs and struts together can better restore the vehicle’s ride height and return the suspension to OE specifications, resulting in vehicle handling improvement, reduced tire wear, and increased customer satisfaction.

Brought to you by bproauto, bproauto's complete strut assemblies offer premium construction using OE-quality components, providing long-lasting performance and diminished vibrations and noises for a quieter ride. These products are made to fit most models, making stock no problem.

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Photo courtesy of The Chemours Co.

Danielle Lovett

July 1, 2024
Image from Zeeline