VIDEO: How to copy or clone Alligator TPMS sensor with the VT56 TPMS Tool

Nov. 21, 2018
ATEQ is working with the Alligator programmable sensor to give a step-by-step instructional video on to copy or clone the sensor.

How to clone or copy a TPMS sensor ID to a new programmable sensor ID using the ATEQ VT56 TPMS Tool.

In this video, ATEQ is working with the Alligator programmable sensor.

  • From the main menu, go to PROGRAM, then select your vehicle’s MAKE, MODEL and YEAR.
  • Select Alligator, press OK to continue.
  • Select the COPY icon, then press the green button to read the original sensor information.
  • Press the green button to write the TPMS sensor ID’s to the new Alligator programmable sensor.
  • The sensor ID’s are now cloned from the original sensor we were working with to the new programmable sensor.