Mckinney Trailer expands fleet capabilities with Thermo King solutions that enable real-time fleet monitoring

Sept. 27, 2013
Company selects 56 Precedent trailer refrigeration units with Tracking telematics and SVC Thermo Gard Assurance.

Mckinney Trailer Rentals, a regional rental and leasing company based in Pico Rivera, California, now offers its customers state-of-the-art transport refrigeration units (TRUs) and real-time fleet management capabilities with 56 new Thermo King Precedent units and Tracking Telematics solutions. Thermo King is a manufacturer of transport temperature control systems for a variety of mobile applications and a brand of Ingersoll Rand.

The Thermo Gard Assurance program, also selected by Mckinney Trailer Rentals, helps ensure that all new systems continue to run at top performance while offering a fixed-rate maintenance cost.Mckinney Trailer Rentals operates 12 locations in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, and Texas.

"These solutions enable us to ensure that we provide Mckinney customers with high-quality, precisely controlled cargo transport," said Casey Sherman, operations manager for Mckinney Trailer Rentals. "The TracKing Telematics system gives our customers more flexibility, and real-time monitoring spares our customers the inconvenience of manually tracking their units."

Sherman added that the Thermo Gard Assurance program also gives them peace of mind that they can keep all systems running optimally, at a fixed cost, rather than be surprised by unexpected maintenance expenses.

The Precedent S-600 unit selected by Mckinney Trailer Rental is a greater-than-25 horsepower single temperature unit which is considered Ultra-Low-Emission In-Use Performance Standard (ULETRU) by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Part of the new Thermo King Precedent trailer platform, the S-600 is designed to be fully compliant with the new Environmental Protection Agency Tier IV final regulations, while delivering double-digit fuel savings through an all-new diesel-direct electric architecture. A cutting-edge fuel injection system makes the Precedent S-series engine run cleaner and eliminates the need for an expensive, high maintenance after-treatment system like a diesel particulate filter.

The Precedent platform features a new Diesel Direct Electric architecture to deliver optimum efficiencies, temperature control and double-digit fuel savings across real-world applications. The Precedent units are also equipped with a SmartPower™ electric stand-by prep package which enables customers to run off battery or shore power, increasing flexibility.

TracKing is a web-based asset management system which provides the ability to remotely monitor and track refrigerated trailers in a fleet. This solution provides real-time temperature and location monitoring which gives customers the assurance that their cargo is safe and quality is maintained throughout a trip. TracKing also allows Mckinney Trailer to be more efficient and effectively manage maintenance and billing cycles because they can download all data on unit performance and run times quickly and easily.

A Thermo Gard Silver (centralized billing) customer for nearly 10 years, Mckinney Trailer Rentals decided to upgrade to the Platinum Premier program. The Thermo King SVC Platinum Premier is an extended warranty program that goes beyond the standard product warranty policy. This program provides certified Thermo King service across North America, accurate cost projections, genuine Thermo King parts, coverage for all major components, increased unit uptime, simplified claims processing and increased convenience.

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