Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority implements DriveCam

Sept. 6, 2010
Full-fleet deployment over multiple-year contract will protect drivers, passengers

DriveCam Inc. has announced that the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) has selected DriveCam as its exclusive provider of behavior-based risk mitigation solutions to help reduce vehicle damage, workers’ compensation claims and personal injury through accident prevention.

Metro also anticipates that the system will help save fuel as a result of improved driving habits.

This full-fleet deployment over a multiple-year contract is the result of an extensive nine-month analysis by Metro of the DriveCam Managed Services program capabilities. The detailed study and selection validates the power of DriveCam’s video-based solution for delivering safety improvements and bottom line financial benefits.

“We believe DriveCam’s expertise will help us provide our customers with even safer bus service,” said Jack Requa, metro assistant general manager of bus services. “But many others will benefit from this partnership with DriveCam, including operators, pedestrians and other drivers on the road.”

Metro chief safety officer James Dougherty said DriveCam will help Metrobus operations by “identifying risky behavior” before the behavior results in an incident. “This is another tool that we will have to train our personnel to focus on safety,” he said.

“With large vehicles and a mix of stop-and-go driving in densely populated areas, transit buses have many safety challenges,” said Brandon Nixon, DriveCam CEO. “DriveCam’s solution enables clients like Metro to proactively protect the safety of their drivers and the passengers they serve by identifying and correcting risky driving behaviors. We are proud to have Metro as part of our client portfolio.”

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