NAFA creates advisory council

Sept. 28, 2010
To address concerns of corporate fleet managers

For the last few years, corporate fleet managers have sought a larger avenue within NAFA Fleet Management Association to voice their concerns and ensure their needs were met. Yet, many of these same corporate fleet managers were unable to volunteer for NAFA committees or be part of NAFA leadership due to busy work schedules.

Recognizing a need to get corporate leaders more involved, NAFA created the Corporate Fleet Advisory Council. It is comprised of 21 fleet managers from some of the largest corporations in the world.

This Council will advise on new and existing NAFA products, comment on future direction and point out new opportunities for the Association. In essence, the Council will utilize the knowledge, experience and influential ideas of these corporate leaders in a way that works within their schedule.

“My hope is that the Council will help NAFA improve so that we can deliver an outstanding value to every corporate fleet manager,” explained NAFA’s executive director, Phillip E. Russo, CAE, who will be directing the Council.

“I want every corporate fleet manager - member and potential member - to understand the value NAFA offers and the fact that NAFA is and will continue to be an unquestionable asset for them,” he said. “The inspiration behind the Council was simple.

“There was a perception that NAFA was ignoring corporate fleet managers and putting all of its resources toward the government fleet sector. That was not, and is not, true, but as the saying goes, ‘perception is reality.’”

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