Brenntag announces diesel exhaust fluid program

Oct. 7, 2010
Company to offer diesel exhaust fluid users a "pick-up and replace" service.

Brenntag North America, a chemical distribution company, will offer users of Diesel Exhaust Fluid a free service to pick up empty DEF totes (IBCs) from any previous supplier. Brenntag will offer a special price to replace the tote with TerraCair Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

As customer demand for Diesel Exhaust Fluid grows, so does the concern for disposal of used containers. DEF suppliers typically offer one-way delivery, leaving the burden of disposal on the customer who must pay to have the empty totes removed.

“By recycling the tote, cost savings are passed on to our customers and we help the environment by reducing the need to dispose of used containers,” said Chet Murphy, Vice President Market Development for Brenntag North America.

Customers who take advantage of this service from Brenntag can be assured that totes are quality checked, inspected and returned in tact with the appropriate fittings to meet their requirements.

Totes will be processed and filled with TerraCair Ultrapure Diesel Exhaust Fluid at one of Brenntag’s 100-plus facilities which are audited to the highest quality standards for storage, handling and packaging of DEF.

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