NPP Carriers assist with cost of CSA 2010 compliance

Nov. 2, 2010
Company offering substantial discounts on wireless fleet management tools and employment screening services

Offering substantial discounts on wireless fleet management tools and employment screening services, National Purchasing Partners (NPP), one of the nation’s largest group purchasing organizations, outlined an integrated approach to helping transportation companies control the cost of compliance with CSA 2010.

“CSA 2010 represents a significant operating expense and motor carriers need to address it systematically,” said Andrew Forrester, president of NPP. “Through our relationships with Verizon Wireless and TalentWise, carriers can lower the cost of managing the seven specific areas that determine their BASIC score.”

BASIC (Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories) is an assessment of safety performance in seven areas: unsafe driving; hours of service; vehicle maintenance; load securement; crash involvement; driver licensing and medical qualifications; and the use or possession of controlled substances/alcohol.

Managing Fleet Performance

Verizon Wireless and its Business Solution Alliance partner XATA Turnpike provide a solution for five BASIC categories, Forrester said.

XATA Turnpike offers RouteTracker, which collects important vehicle and driver data and uses a wireless phone to send it to a hosted website. RouteTracker provides fully compliant driver hours of service logs, an electronic daily vehicle and load inspection report, verification of speed and hard-braking events, and vehicle diagnostics.

Employment Screening and Substance Testing

TalentWise addresses the remaining two BASIC categories related to drivers. It provides NPP members with drug and alcohol testing, motor vehicle record checks, and other employment screening services that can identify driver safety histories, incidents of substance abuse, or medical disqualifications. NPP members provide applicant information using a secure web-based form and typically receive background check results within 24 to 48 hours.

TalentWise also offers a paperless chain-of-custody drug-screening program where motor carriers can launch, schedule, and monitor drug, alcohol, and physical fitness testing through an online dashboard. NPP member discounts are applied to online purchases automatically at

“Among the uncertainties surrounding CSA 2010 implementation and enforcement is the cost of improving your safety performance in the seven critical BASIC areas,” Forrester said. “With Verizon Wireless and TalentWise, NPP can help motor carriers manage those costs more effectively.”

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