State of South Carolina installs FleetWave

Nov. 23, 2010
The 16,000-unit State fleet management operations to use Chevin Fleet Solutions web-based fleet management information system.

The State of South Carolina has overhauled its 16,000 unit State fleet management operations with the roll-out of its new web-based fleet management information system - FleetWave, from Chevin Fleet Solutions.

The South Carolina State Fleet Management Office is mandated by SC Budget and Control Board to provide vehicles and related services to more than 200 state agencies and universities across the state, providing comprehensive fleet services that include:

  • Vehicle Procurement, delivery and disposal
  • Internal Service Fund billing
  • Acquisition and management of Alternative Fuel Vehicles
  • Maintenance and repair services
  • Call Center support and external vendor authorization and payment processing
  • Maintenance Facility Certification
  • Fuel Card management and support through 100 state and more than 3,000 retail fueling sites
  • Fleet Safety and Accident Management services

Using FleetWave’s uniquely flexible and scalable capabilities, South Carolina has replaced its inflexible SCEMIS system with a fully integrated enterprise fleet management information system. With FleetWave in place, the State Fleet Management Office can now offer its remote state agencies and individual drivers a holistic view of all fleet related information in order to dramatically improve fleet utilization and reduce operating costs.

“The State of South Carolina provides a wide range of essential services to its more than 4 million residents, businesses and visitors across more than 45 counties. Many of these services would be impossible to conduct without the support of the State Fleet Management Office,” said Ron Katz, Senior Vice President of Chevin Fleet Solution.

“That’s why insuring fleet operations are as effective and efficient as possible in order to continually reduce cost, promote safety, compliance and high standards of service delivery to its citizens. Embracing technology to support these objectives by implementing FleetWave puts The State of South Carolina at the forefront of innovation for Government fleet management organizations.”

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