New DriveCam Insights on collision drivers in the oil, gas, propane industry

Dec. 13, 2010
Study reveals close association between specific poor driving behaviors and collision drivers

DriveCam’s latest Driving Insights series takes a deeper look at the most prevalent behavior associated with collision drivers in the oil, gas and propane industry.

While drivers with one or more collisions represent fewer than 3% of all oil, gas and propane drivers in the study, more than 70% were consistently cited for five poor driving behaviors. Additionally, drivers with one or more collisions showed a significantly higher frequency of all poor driving behaviors.

Recognizing these poor driving behaviors as leading indicators of future risk can help fleet safety and risk managers coach and train drivers to avoid costly outcomes, says the company.

The study focused on the analysis of over 2,000 drivers in the oil, gas and propane industry who were active between June 2009 and June 2010. The behaviors with the largest observed variance between oil, gas and propane drivers with no collisions and those with one or more collisions were:

• Not looking far enough ahead (52% of collision drivers, 30% of non-collision drivers). • Food and/or drink distraction (19% of collision drivers, 9% of non-collision drivers). • Driver not wearing seat belt (37% of collision drivers, 29% of non-collision drivers). • Ran a red light (15% of collision drivers, 7% of non-collision drivers). • Handheld cell phone use (15% of collision drivers, 10% of non-collision drivers).

DriveCam’s Video Event Recorder provides the unique ability to identify when a collision has occurred. DriveCam does not analyze collision events for legal reasons; however, extensive video event review of a driver’s prior non-collision poor driving behaviors allows DriveCam to better understand those behaviors that act as leading indicators of collisions.

DriveCam’s Driving Insights is designed to provide insight for executives and managers throughout a variety of transportation industries. It is derived from DriveCam’s extensive database of driving events from over 3 billion driving miles - the largest in the world.

Driving Insights is released on a regular basis. To view all Driving Insights, go to

As proven experts in the science of safe and efficient driving, DriveCam prevents collisions and reduces fuel costs by improving the way people drive.

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