RV center endorses Rhino Linings

Dec. 1, 2010
EcoCoat spray-on polyurea coating extends life of RV roofs

The owners of San Diego RV Center heard about the Rhino Linings' reputation with sealing and protecting pick-up trucks from corrosion and degradation. Rhino seemed to be a natural fit. Rhino Linings offered San Diego RV Centers EcoCoat, a spray applied 100 percent solids polyurea. This aluminum pigments coating is seamless and forms a long term barrier against water intrusion and degradation.

In the production process, the existing and failing rubber roof of the vehicle is stripped down to the existing plywood roof. At this point any seams and large gaps are filled, while any previous adhesives on the wood are removed and sanded down.

After all of the wood is sanded, the entire area is primed with Rhino 161 primer and then sprayed with EcoCoat at varied thicknesses from 1/16" to 1/8" (1.5mm - 3.0mm) depending on area. The new monolithic polyurea coating forms a tight seal around all the protrusions, gaps and bolts preventing water leakage, and UV sunlight degradation while giving a desirable silver aluminum like finish.

From start to finish, San Diego RV Center can have an owners RV repairs and ready for the road within three days.

Rhino EcoCoat is 100 percent solids with no VOCs, solvents or coal tars. This product is an exothermic, rapid curing, polyurea coating.

The San Diego RV Center has not received one customer complaint since they have been using Rhino EcoCoat.

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