Sunil Patel

CEO and Co-Founder, Tekmetric Shop Management System

Sunil Patel is the CEO and co-founder of Tekmetric Shop Management System. Sunil provides the vision for Tekmetric’s impact on the auto repair industry, relying on his own experience as an auto repair shop owner to offer efficient and effective shop management solutions for the industry. At Motorwërks Autogroup, a luxury auto repair shop that Sunil owned for 11 years, Sunil began experimenting with technology to run his shop more efficiently and grow his business. After talking to other shop owners, Sunil discovered many of his peers found his methods and practices helpful for their shops. Inspired, he assembled a team, and in 2016, he launched the first version of Tekmetric Shop Management System, a shop management software designed to better support auto repair shop owners in sustaining and expanding their shops.

Today, Sunil continues to disrupt the auto repair industry with his unique collaborative approach: networking with auto repair shop owners, sharing the insights gained from Tekmetric, and offering new products that drive the industry forward.