DRIVE selects Rocklin, California, shop for its March spotlight

March 16, 2023
With a dedicated team of seven, Performance Motor Works makes sure to deliver quality service to every customer that comes their way.

If you’re ever in Rocklin, California, enjoying the wonderful shops, breweries, or even the many hiking spots, you might stumble upon Performance Motor Works, a German-car specialty shop that has been in business for over 25 years. Owner Dan Vasquez partnered with the original owner 10 years ago and has been the sole owner since 2018. With a dedicated team of seven, Performance Motor Works makes sure to deliver quality service to every customer that comes their way. It’s the premier shop in the area, thanks to the team’s well-known honesty and integrity.

When Vasquez isn’t at work, you can often find him spending time with his family. He, his wife, and his four kids enjoy going on weekend getaway trips. With Rocklin being just 22 miles away from Sacramento, California’s state capitol, there are many fun places right outside of town! They also like to go camping in their travel trailer at the National Forest. Vasquez can also be found working on and maintaining the family’s 10-acre property or playing the drums in his free time.

Performance Motor Works has grown from just one advisor and two technicians to two advisors and four technicians – and they’re currently on the search for a fifth. One of Vasquez's favorite parts of being a shop owner is being able to support his team. He says, “I love watching my staff grow personally and professionally.” Which comes as no surprise considering the reputation they have built together. The whole shop is revered for their transparency, garnering them over 350 positive online reviews. The shop’s reputation is built on doing right by their customers and the prove this right time and time again. Vasquez says, “I love taking care of my customers,” and it shows!

One of Vasquez's favorite things is talking to other business owners like himself. He says, “I enjoy hearing that we often share the same struggles.” Together, he says, they can brainstorm solutions to conquer those solutions. And he has many networking opportunities as a DRIVE client. There are many ways to solve problems and speaking with someone who has been through a similar situation can give you unique insight.

Before becoming a DRIVE client, Vasquez says, the shop was doing okay. The shop was profitable. But after joining DRIVE? “We are absolutely thriving.” Not only is he profitable, but their profits and team have been consistently growing year after year. He says, “The workshop flow has become more refined due to the implementation of written policies and procedures recommended by DRIVE.” By using the wealth-building strategies DRIVE has given him, he knows the difference between just making ends meet and what it’s like to thrive financially. He now has several months of reserves saved in case of emergencies and doesn’t feel the stress of uncertainty. Vasquez is able to work on his business instead of in it. He can focus on what matters, spending time with his family.

As his shop continues to grow, Vasquez looks forward to having his son work in the shop alongside him more. His son, Danny Jr., is 22 years old and served as a U.S. Marine for four years. For over a year, he has been working in the shop. Right now, he is an apprentice technician and is excelling quickly. There’s nothing like working with your family, he says; being around the ones you love is just another perk of the job.

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