DRIVE announce B&B Foreign Car Repair as its August Shop Spotlight

Sept. 1, 2020
B&B Foreign Car Repair is a family affair. While that’s not unusual for any local business, what stands out here is that it’s run by “Dad & Daughters.” 

B&B Foreign Car Repair is a family affair. While that’s not unusual for any local business, what stands out here is that it’s run by “Dad & Daughters.” When owner Ron Correa bought the business five years ago, B&B was a 2.5 bay shop with two employees. In five short years, it now has 3.5 bays with a total of 7 employees. That includes Ron plus 3 of his daughters. Christina, the oldest daughter, is the Office Manager and Service Advisor. Sophia is Ron’s youngest daughter and runs Marketing plus is a Service Advisor. And middle daughter, Cindy is an Apprentice Tech. In addition, Caleb, the Lube Tech Apprentice is Christina’s godson! To say that B&B is a family affair is putting it mildly. Running the business is a passion for the entire family. 

Ron loves owning his own shop and working with his family. “I’m very proud to have my girls all working with me. Together we are a great team! And we all love the business,” says Ron.

The Correa’s family shop is located in beautiful Napa, California. Yes, that Napa. Although famous worldwide for its premiere wines, it’s also a tight knit community that is centered around family. There’s always live music and festivals. Plus the beautiful outdoors with hiking, biking and kayaking along the Napa River. 

B&B Foreign Car Repair started out specializing in VW Bugs. It has now grown to a business that services all makes and models and specializes in electrical diagnostics and trailer tow wiring. 

Dad & Daughters know that there are a lot of auto repair shops in Napa. So they know how important Marketing is to stand out to both customers and future customers. As Sophia says, “Concentrate on Marketing all the time. Don’t let up promoting your shop!” B&B has partnered with DRIVE on their website, social media platforms and is also their business consultant. In fact, B&B just finished out their best month ever since owning the business. But they know they can’t let up. And they won’t. “We don’t let anything stand in our way. The entire team are quick learners which is another reason why we’re so successful today,” says Ron of his team. 

It’s not just Marketing that makes a shop stand out. B&B is also one of very few shops in the area that offers Digital Vehicle Inspection reports. They have found that customers really appreciate the transparency. The word-of-mouth that they have received because of their DVI system has been excellent. 

Bottom Row (Left to Right): Cindy Correa (Apprentice Technician, Middle Daughter), Sophia Correa (Service Advisor, Youngest Daughter), Christina Weygant (Office Manager, Older Daughter), Nino Mendoza (Apprentice Technician)


Top Row (Left to Right): Caleb Devries (Apprentice Lube Tech), Ron Correa (Owner), Will Engleman (Master Technician)

If Ron had some advice it would be “If you pay your employees cheap bananas, you’ll just have a bunch of monkeys - aka – high quality employees require high quality pay and benefits.” Also, B&B increases their labor rate often. “Don’t ever strive to be the cheapest shop in town. Customers will continue to come to you for your honest and personable service,” Ron adds. Plus another crucial point for any shop owner, location is key. Find a shop with plenty of parking for all those cars you’re working on! 

Ron and everyone at B&B, is thankful they signed on with DRIVE shortly after buying the shop. Before DRIVE came on board, their average ARO was $200. It’s now $600 and growing. As Ron says, “Work with DRIVE to build your business and listen to your consultant! Being with DRIVE has been the best decision I could have made for the business. All of us find the classes outstanding and the networking with fellow shop owners is invaluable.” 

The future of B&B is bright, very bright, with plans to expand the business to a larger location with more parking! 

Congrats to all at B&B for your Dad & Daughters shop, for succeeding in these sometimes uncertain times and for always keeping customers happy with the goal of earning their return business. Well done! 

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