Powerful Aftertreatment Diagnostic Tool Shows Proven ROI for Power Problems

Jan. 11, 2019

New results of a two-year field test show quick ROI for a tool that solves tricky aftertreatment problems. For the past two years, select locations have purchased and been using high pressure diagnostic leak detection to find hidden air leaks that are the root cause of costly aftertreatment problems and air leaks that cause power complaints.  

Participating dealers are finding this tool quickly pays for itself in just a few repairs, allowing technicians to quickly diagnose and pinpoint hidden air leaks from the air filter to the exhaust tip. Redline Detections HD PowerSmoke lets technicians see invisible engine air leaks. These upstream component leaks are the hidden root cause of many aftertreatment faults and power problems.  

“The reason every shop should have this tool is that with very little set-up time, with very little intrusion into the engine, you will have a 100% guaranteed identification of every leak in your air intake and exhaust system. It’s a lot faster than any other procedure I’ve seen and a lot more thorough.” MX Engine Region Manager

How it works

The tool, HD PowerSmoke®, uses regular compressed air and vapor producing fluid to produce a highly visible vapor while simulating the boost load of a running engine throughout the vehicle’s intake and exhaust system. The entire system can be safely tested with the engine safely off. Set up takes 5 minutes and the test takes 10 minutes. Patented, durable expanding block off pass through adaptors fit any size and shape orifice to quickly seal off any make and model intake and exhaust. Most upstream component leaks only appear under boost and the tool makes these leaks easily visible, even in hard-to-see parts of the engine. Upstream component air leaks are impossible to pinpoint reliably with outdated methods.

“There are places you just cannot see leaks in this engine. You cannot see all the seals, clamps, gaskets that wear over time, leaks and create issues. Using this tool, you can see the exact leak location right away.”

Updating an outdated and dangerous practice

The outdated practice of using soapy water to find leaks is ineffective and can be dangerous. Modern engine management systems will not allow the engine to produce boost while sitting in a bay. But the upstream component leaks that technicians are searching for show up only under boost. This creates substantial safety concerns surrounding ways that some technicians are attempting to create boost in a repair bay. Even if technicians figure out how to build boost to replicate a running engine for the test, modern diesel engines heat up so quickly that any water evaporates or is displaced by air flow before bubbles can even be formed, making this method more a guessing game than a reliable diagnostic practice. HD PowerSmoke is the solution to quickly test these heavy-duty systems with 100% reliability.

“With power complaints, this tool saves comeback situations. It will diagnose, pinpoint the problem, and then confirm the repair and the truck is back in service. Retest after the repair and you’re absolutely certain the leak is repaired correctly the first time.”

Benefits of using high pressure leak detection in PM

Proactive Fleet Managers periodically check during PM for intake and exhaust system leaks. The benefits of using this tool in intake, exhaust and DPF maintenance service include:

  • Increased fuel economy
  • Increased engine performance & horsepower
  • Minimize business interruption
  • Less frequent regenerations
  • Longer DPF life
  • Optimized DPF performance
  • Extend DPF cleaning intervals
  • Lower overall maintenance costs

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About Redline Detection

Redline Detection LLC, headquartered in Orange, Calif., develops and manufactures the world’s bestselling diagnostic leak detection equipment. From the world’s leading OEMs to individual technicians, Redline Detection has built a global fan base for its professional grade custom diagnostic solutions, as well as for its ability to increase the bottom line. To learn more about Redline Detection and its award-winning products, please visit www.redlinedetection.com 

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