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Sept. 1, 2005
A look at how Kluhsman's new through-hole ratchet set held up under shop conditions.

Kluhsman Racing recently unveiled their Cyclone Thru-Hole Power System. The 3-in-1 tool set offers a 1/2" maximum diameter through-hole design for getting at difficult hardware, as well as adapters that allow the tool to function as either a 1/2" or 3/8" air ratchet. Additional features include:

  • Double back-loaded pawls on the ratchet to help eliminate slippage and friction.
  • A push-button socket release.
  • A low-profile design.
  • Short-stroke ratcheting for use in confined spaces.
  • Through-hole sockets that the company feels will eliminate the need for medium and deep well sockets.
  • Color-coded and laser-etched impact sockets are provided.

To see how the system would hold up under shop conditions, we put the Kluhsman tool in the hands of Innovation Award panelist and ASE-certified Master Technician Dan Walker, owner of Dan's Auto Center in Oakhurst, CA.

The Review
"Overall, I think the tool design and kit is a great idea," stated Walker. In particular, he noted that:

  • The ability to instantaneously change between 1/2" and 3/8" drives helped save him time.
  • The etched size identifications on the sockets were also very helpful, and the fact that they were flanked sockets was a definite benefit.
  • Having both the ratchet and sockets in the same case made storage easier and more convenient.
  • The 2 hollow extensions helped in accessing tight spots.

"In particular, I found the tool very handy in doing alignment work," continued Walker. "Especially in accessing that nut on the upper control arm."

When looking specifically at the ratchet, Walker added that while it held up well and provided plenty of power, there was some room for improvement.

"I'm tentative to say anything negative because I think it's a great tool and kit, but there were some things that could be improved upon when it comes to the ratchet.

"There were times when it was difficult to change the direction lever in switching between forward and reverse. (This could be attributed to the effects of a new tool.) It was also noisier than some of the newer ratchets I've bought.
"Finally, there were a couple of instances when the motor on the ratchet was turning, but the socket wasn't turning. It didn't happen much, and soon returned to normal operation. (The ratchet's designer explains that this is possible when the tool's reversing mechanism is not locked in place.)

"Overall, I'd recommend the tool, primarily because of how everything comes in one case, and for the added accessibility it provides."

For more information on the Cyclone Thru-Hole Power System from Kluhsman Racing, Indicate 61 on inquiry card or click "e-inquiry" at

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