Leak Detection

Feb. 1, 2007
Leak detection machines, lights and more.

UV dyes come mixed and ready to use
Cliplight offers UV dyes ready for use and mixed with their corresponding low-, medium- or high-viscosity PAG or ester oils in 8-oz. bottles, designed for use in 134A A/C systems. The oil and dye come with the required number of service stickers and comply with SAE standard 2297. More specifically, these dyes can come mixed with: Ester No. 511102; PAG 46 low-viscosity No. 511046; PAG 100 medium-viscosity No. 511101; or PAG 150 high-viscosity No. 511150.

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GloZone UV lights fit in those tight spots
The GloZone leak-detection light by General Manufacturing Inc. comes standard with 26 high-output UV LEDs for easy use. The light’s thin profile enables it to fit into extremely tight spaces. The GloZone Convertable Light can convert into a tight-location work light by simply switching lamp assemblies from UV to bright white. Models are available in 12V and 120V

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Smoke Pro machines diagnose EVAP, other system leaks
The new Smoke Pro Tech-Mate and Tech-Mate PLUS join Redline Detection’s Total-Tech line to easily detect leaks in the EVAP, intake and exhaust systems, as well as many other systems. The Tech-Mate PLUS provides a sensitive flowmeter and flow-control valve for diagnosing leaks, while the Tech-Mate is an EVAP and general-purpose smoke machine that pinpoints leak locations. These products are EVAP-approved, don’t require nitrogen, use mineral oil and come complete with accessory kits.

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New diagnostic tool helps techs listen for leaks
Tracer Products’ new Tracerline Marksman ultrasonic diagnostic tool converts and amplifies inaudible ultrasonic sound into audible “natural” sound, enabling service technicians to hear sounds that signify problems from air-brake leaks to gear and bearing wear. Before the leaks become major problems, Tracer says the Marksman will identify them, including vacuum, EVAP system, exhaust, refrigerant and passenger-compartment leaks. A 10-bar LED display indicates the intensity of signals from the problem source. The TP-9370 Marksman Master Kit comes with a receiver, full-size headphones, two anodized probes and an ultrasonic emitter that tests for faulty seals, gaskets and weather stripping in passenger compartments, trailer bodies and other nonpressurized enclosures.

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Matco Leak Tamer utilizes nitrogen or shop air
The Matco MD6521 Leak Tamer Plus Evap Machine is an EVAP-approved unit that works with nitrogen or shop air to meet OEM test requirements for all makes and models. The machine comes with a range of accessories for adaptability, and uses both patented Diagnostic Smoke and UltraTraceUV detection systems. The machine has a built-in flowmeter, and an optional cart can hold the machine, a standard-size SAE nitrogen tank, user’s manual and accessories.

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UView refills cooling system in seconds, and checks for leaks while under vacuum
UView Ultraviolet Systems says their Airlift Kit eliminates air locks in vehicle cooling systems, and refills them in seconds. The kit refills the entire cooling system, including the heater core, to eliminate time-consuming bleeding and purging. You can even check for leaks while under the vacuum. This kit works on cars, trucks and off-road vehicles.

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Locating elusive leaks
Developed as a fast, efficient way to check EVAP emissions systems for leaks and leak sizes, K-Line presents their KLI9210B Evaporative Emissions System Tester for .04” leaks, the new EPA standard of .02” leaks and zero leaks. K-Line says the tester permits you to reduce diagnostic time, and avoid guesswork. The unit also:

  • Allows you to visually locate leaks with smoke generated from a special non-toxic fluid combined with inert nitrogen gas.
  • Gives you the ability to ultrasonically pinpoint leaks too small to identify with smoke.
  • Can detect leaks in intake manifold systems, exhaust systems, coolant and A/C systems, pneumatic air systems, hydraulic and steering systems, weather seals, etc.
  • Is accommodated by a heavy-duty steel, two-wheel cart with a rugged nitrogen tank stand and a readout board with pressure gauge, air-flow meter, and step-by-step instructions.
  • Meets OBD and OBD-II requirements.

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