Your Top 10 Tools

Dec. 9, 2008
Our new feature on your favorite tools. Send in your list and you could win free tools!

1. Streamlight Polystinger flashlight
Nothing is better for turning dark engine compartments bright. The light is practically bulletproof. I've dropped it, kicked it after dropping it, dunked in drain pans, and tapped things into place without any damage to it. I prefer the poly version because I have a bad habit of holding the light in my teeth while I fix something. Aluminum is not tooth friendly.

2. Ingersoll Rand Titanium impact wrenches
They are fast, powerful, well balanced and long lasting. You can lug one around all day and it won't make you tired or force your wrists into abnormal positions as you use it. They are definitely worth the money.

3. GearWrench ratcheting wrenches
If you're not using an air tool, it's hard to beat the speed offered by a GearWrench. I have almost every version they make and use them daily. My regular wrenches gather dust now and only come out when a GearWrench doesn't fit.

4. Snap-on CTS561 Cordless Driver
It's my favorite screwdriver that you don't have to turn. It has a small profile that's great for trim work. The battery's charge lasts forever. It's strong enough for most light tasks, but it won't break plastic as you put a dash back together either.

5. Matco Pinless Impact Swivel Sockets
I feel these are the best impact swivel sockets available because they have a lower profile without the collar found on most impact swivels. The CV joint design allows for better angles and smoother rotation. They are also very tough. The laser size markings are handy too.

6. Computer with DSL
I couldn't work without a computer. I use it to access factory service information, Mitchell on Demand, research iATN for those weird intermittent problems, and to order parts and tools. Not to mention visiting the PTEN website,, and reading the digital edition of PTEN magazine.

7. Fluke DVOM
I haven't found a better DVOM than the Fluke. Mine is an older 87III but it still works great. I use it daily along with flex probes to perform pinpoint tests. It's durable and accurate.

8. GearWrench 1/4”-Drive Flexhead Ratchet with Comfort Grip
This is my go-to ratchet for light-duty work. It's longer than most other ratchets and it's very strong. I feel the GearWrench ratchets are true sleepers and people really don't know how good they are.

9. Cornwell 700 Series tool cart
The cart makes my life easier. With seven drawers and a deep top till, it will hold enough tools to cover 90 percent of what I do. Since I find myself working in three different bays at times, the cart saves me many trips to my main box. It has roller bearing drawers and rolls smoothly across shop floors.

10. Pocket screwdriver
It's a pocket pry bar, it frees stubborn connectors, it opens parts boxes, cleans under fingernails, retrieves dropped screws, and performs a trillion other tasks daily. I feel naked without one in my shirt pocket.

For sharing his Top 10 Tools with readers, Harry received Grey Pneumatic’s three-piece drive-reducing adapter set, No. 103RA, and a Snap-on 3/8”-drive FLF80 flex-head ratchet.

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