In Focus: Veratti 429 AFR with clear antifog lenses, No. 14294014

The Veratti 429 AFR are equipped with advanced fog resistance to battle fogging in enclosed and tight areas.

Veratti 429 14294014

The Encon Veratti 429 AFR has an ultra-lightweight frame and lenses that give you total protection. Our AFR antifog coating gives you the upper hand against fogging issues that are forever present in almost all applications, the company says. The soft gel nose piece will give you the comfort you need for long extended wearing periods and coupled with the no-slip grip on the rear of the temples will ensure fit, form, and comfort. The Veratti 429 AFR comes with two color options for lenses clear (No. 14294014) and gray (No. 14294114).   


The Veratti 429 AFR, No. 14294014, with antifog lenses can be used for eye protection during any type of repair or maintenance. 

Selling Points 

  • High impact resistance lenses that meet the ANSIZ87.1 standards
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Advanced fog resistance to battle fogging in enclosed and tight areas
  • Quick and repeat sales

Features and benefits

  • Ultra-lightweight frame that makes you feel that you have nothing on
  • Gel nose bridge for extreme comfort and fit, says the company
  • Rubberized temples for comfort with a no-slip grip
  • 9.5 base curve lens for wrap-around protection


The Veratti 429 AFR with antifog lenses were developed to provide eye protection and combat fogging no matter the job. 

Manufacturing specs

The safety glasses have 100 percent high impact polycarbonate lenses and meet and exceed the ANSI standard Z87.1. 

Storage and display 

The Veratti 429 AFR with antifog lenses come 12 units per box. 


Put a pair on their face; they won’t want to take them off.

Suggested retail

$9.29 for each unit 

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