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The Cal-Van Tools Brake Fluid Tester is designed for brake maintenance and service.

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The Cal-Van Tools Brake Fluid Tester, No. 66, is designed to test all brake fluid types, including DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1. This tester features an easy-to-read LED moisture gauge and two-button use: one power button, and the other to easily switch between fluid types. The Brake Fluid Tester helps eliminate the need to keep different brake testers for each fluid type. This product has a self-test feature to ensure accuracy. The tool uses one AAA battery and offers automatic shut-off. 


The Cal-Van Tools Brake Fluid Tester is designed for brake maintenance and service. 

Selling points

  • Identifies moisture in all glycol-based brake fluids. 
  • Reduces need to stock multiple testers for each fluid type. 
  • Tests the moisture content of the brake fluid, which tests the effectiveness of the brake system. 
  • Helps properly maintain the brake system, especially with sensitive and expensive modern ABS systems, the company says. 

Features and benefits

  • Quickly and easily gauge the moisture in all types of brake fluid (DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5.1). 
  • Easy-to-read LED moisture gauge. 
  • Measurements can be displayed to the customer to warrant the needed service. 
  • Two-button use: one is the power button, and the other switches easily between fluid types. 
  • Self-test features to ensure fluid is properly tested. 
  • Uses one AAA battery. The tester includes automatic battery shut-off. 


Cal-Van developed this product to eliminate the need for multiple brake fluid testers, and to eliminate the chance of the wrong tester being used, which could result in inaccurate readings or premature brake system failure. 

Manufacturing specs

This product is made in Taiwan and is made of a high-strength ABS plastic housing. The product weight 3 oz. 

Storage and display

This product is shipped one unit per package, and is packaged in a sliding blister with card. Cal-Van suggests placing this product near other fluid testers, such as coolant testers, or with brake-related items. 

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