In Focus: ProMAXX Tool Ford Power Stroke 6.7L Fuel Injector Copper Compression Seal Puller and Seal Saver ProKit

May 1, 2024
The kit extracts stubborn, stuck copper compression seals, safeguarding the engine head from potential expensive damage.

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The ProMAXX Tool Compression Seal Puller Kit optimizes the Ford Power Stroke 6.7L Copper Compression Seal removal process while saving time and money. 

Selling points

  • The Compression Seal Puller and Saver Kit is designed to effortlessly and securely remove stubborn, stuck fuel injector copper compression seals from the head on Ford 6.7L Power Stroke engines.
  • Traditional seal removal methods often involve using a curved, pick-like tool, and include a high-risk probability of dropping the seal into the valve cover valley, leading to extended 3.7 hours of book time labor.
  • With a threaded tip that grips and extracts the seal from the injector seat, the seal puller tool ensures efficiency and precision while the seal saver prevents the seal from inadvertently dropping into the valve cover.

Features and benefits 

  • Easy and safe removal: The PMXISPS200BSE kit extracts stubborn, stuck copper compression seals, safeguarding the engine head from potential expensive damage.
  • Threaded tip precision: The tool's threaded tip expertly grabs the seal and smoothly pulls it out of the injector seat, ensuring a seamless extraction process.
  • Replaceable threaded tip: The Compression Seal Puller is built for longevity, featuring a replaceable threaded tip to extend the tool's lifespan.
  • Rugged, reliable construction: The kit is designed and manufactured entirely in the USA.


The Ford Power Stroke 6.7L diesel engine has a high compression of 950 PSI and extreme cylinder head temps of 1,100 degrees F. Both contribute to the copper injector compression seal “soldering” itself to the engine head. This makes it difficult to remove the seal from the head, and it lengthens the repair, costing the technician valuable time and money. The Compression Seal Puller and Saver were designed to make extraction safe and easy.

Manufacturing/engineering specifications 

Crafted with precision, the Compression Seal Puller and Saver boast a rugged, machined, and hard-coated (Anodized) aluminum body that guarantees years of reliable service. The seal Puller’s knurled grip with small ridges ensures a secure hold, making turning the tool easy to use while preventing hand slippage.

Storage and display

The kit comes well packaged for display in a sturdy white “Indestructo” flip-top cardboard box. It's best to open the box lid and display the open kit on an eye-level shelf.


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Suggested retail price

Introductory price at $149.95 (save 25 percent)

For more information

Contact Milton Specialty Tool Group General Manager Jeff Del Rossa at 724-941-0941 or [email protected].

Information provided by ProMAXX Tool. 

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