In Focus: Ledlenser HF8R Work Headlamp

Jan. 24, 2024
The tool is designed with the brand's patent-pending adaptive light beam technology, allowing the light to dim and focus automatically.

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The HF8R Work Headlamp from Ledlenser is intended for situations that require additional illumination while ensuring both hands remain consistently engaged. 

Selling points

  • The handsfree HF8R Work Headlamp showcases the Ledlenser adaptive light beam technology, setting it apart as a headlamp that eliminates the need for manual adjustments. With the capability to analyze light, temperature, and lamp performance a remarkable 400 times per second, it effortlessly caters to diverse lighting requirements. Seamlessly transitioning between flood, mid, and spotlighting, it ensures hands remain free for work, not for readjusting the headlamp.  
  • The HF8R Work Headlamp is waterproof and dustproof (IP68) and has a high color rendering index for close-range work, an additional red front light, and various options to mount on a hardhat. 
  • The headlamp guarantees uninterrupted focus by consistently delivering the necessary lighting to complete the job at hand.  

Features and benefits 

  • Adaptive light beam technology allows for automatic dimming and focusing
  • Digital Advanced Focus System helps to transition from flood to mid to spot, with a manual option via the intuitive-to-use Focus Wheel
  • Cooling technology allows for continuous operation without overheating and extended run time
  • Ledlenser Connect app allows users to remotely control and personalize features
  • Magnetic charge system offers simple, safe, and reliable charging that is quick and easy to use
  • Emergency light: when the power goes out and the light is on the charging base, it will automatically turn on  
  • Rechargeable: saves money, and batteries and reduces environmental impact
  • Red light helps to maintain night vision in the dark
  • Transportation lock prevents light from being turned on accidentally and using battery 
  • Memory function remembers the light mode and brightness level for the next use 
  • The light's intensity can be adjusted to provide just the right level of illumination.  
  • Front switch provides quick and easy control of individual light functions, while the rotary switch allows users to change between colors while using light 
  • Battery and charge indicator shows how much charge is left and when to power up.  
  • Comes with a detachable, elastic headband with a washable, rubberized back
  • Additional accessories include a comfort pad, a magnetic charging cable (USB-C), a helmet connecting kit, and a wall mount  


When people are in need of additional light, headlamps can be a good option for when they need to use their hands to handle work or other tasks. However, if technicians are still having to manually adjust the light beam, work ends up getting continuously interrupted. Ledlenser's designers wanted to change that dynamic and create a truly hands-free headlamp. 

Manufacturing/engineering specifications

The HF8R Work Headlamp has four modes: boost (1600lm up to 690'), high power (900lm up to 650', 3.5-hour run-time), mid-power (300lm up to 325', 10-hour run-time), low power (20lm up to 80', 90-hour run-time). The headlamp is made of aluminum alloy and PC, while the headband is elastic and designed to be detachable and washable with a rubberized back. 

Storage and display

The master carton is 12 pieces and 15.5" by 7.68" by 14.46".



Suggested retail price


For more information

Email [email protected].

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