Sales tip: Be adaptive

Oct. 11, 2023
You've probably got a certain selling style that you use when interacting with your customers. In order to reach your non-customers, you need to be able to adapt a style that suits their needs and personality the best.

You probably have a certain style or approach you use when interacting with your customers. Maybe you're the storyteller who shares anecdotes about how a certain tool has helped a previous customer, or you're the technician who keeps logic at the forefront of your presentations. It's almost a guarantee that whatever style you use won't work on every customer you encounter. It's important to be adaptive in order to reach your non-customers. 

Give some logical titles to each non-customer like Shy Guy, Big Mouth, Cheapskate, Know-it-all, etc. You may not really know each person enough to figure them out right away but with observation and some little conversations, you will start to get an idea of what makes them tick.

If for instance, your usual selling style is the hard-charging, always-be-closing style I guarantee that Mr. Shy Guy is simply overwhelmed by your aggressive approach. Just like oil and water….they don’t mix.

I would recommend approaching this technician with a soft storytelling approach the next time you have a cool new tool that fits their job activities. Speak slowly, softly, and close gently. I know this isn’t your usual style but you’re not selling Shy Guy now so what’s the worst that can happen? Shy Guy says no again but nothing ventured nothing gained.

On the other hand, if you’re normally using the counselor selling approach and the shop loud-mouth is your target you’d better step it up a notch and approach them with an aggressive, take no prisoners always be closing approach. People tend (but not always) to like buying from people similar to themselves.

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