In Focus: ProMAXX Ford 6.7L Power Stroke Fuel Injector Puller ProKit Plus

Oct. 6, 2023
Allows technicians to pull fuel injectors quickly and easily.

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The ProMAXX Ford 6.7L Power Stroke Fuel Injector Puller ProKit Plus, No. PMXPWP200PROP, allows technicians to pull fuel injectors quickly and easily.

Selling points

• Incorporates an air-hammer-powered option using harmonic vibration to remove stubborn and stuck injectors.

• Doesn’t require bolting and unbolting from the cylinder head, saving technicians time. Its unique locking pad keeps the injector on point vertically where it’s needed.

• Includes a 6” slide hammer that delivers power by attaching directly to the fuel line port, in line with the injector, providing immediate impact.

• Cuts fuel injector removal times in half, decreases repair times, and improves productivity. The kit pays for itself in just a few uses.

Features and benefits

• Eliminates time bolting and unbolting to the cylinder head, ensuring efficiency and productivity.

• The air-hammer-powered punch concentrates the force and vibration of the air hammer to quickly shock the fuel injector out.

• The lift kit is precision machined and not cast. The snug fit makes walking off the injector or losing pulling power a thing of the past.


The Power Stroke 6.7L engine has been out for more than 10 years. Injectors are more difficult to remove due to heat and corrosion. Pulling them can be difficult and means removing the truck cab and cylinder head. To assist technicians in reducing repair times and cost, ProMAXX Tool developed an air-hammer-powered puller, incorporating a punch with ProMAXX Tool’s lift kit.

Manufacturing/engineering specifications

Constructed in the U.S.A. to withstand rigorous professional use and precision machined out of hardened steel, the Ford 6.7L Power Stroke Fuel Injector kit is engineered to resist bending, cracking, and walking off-center. The included punch delivers over 150 psi of pulling power. The ProKit Plus weighs 5 lbs.

Storage and display

The kit comes well packaged for display in a heavy duty blow molded case. It is best to remove the case lid and display the kit opened on an eye-level shelf.


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