In Focus: ANSED Diagnostic Solutions HU31035 Automotive Sensor Simulator

Sept. 6, 2023
A handheld tool designed to work independently from scan tool platforms on ICE and EV vehicles.

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The ANSED HU31035 Automotive Sensor Simulator is designed to help technicians with diagnostic testing by simulating sensors used in ICE and EV vehicles. 

Selling points

  • Demand: Technicians are often looking for affordable ways to verify sensor operation and connectivity to a vehicle's computer systems.
  • Application: The simulator is a handheld tool that is designed to work independently from scan tool platforms on current ICE and EV vehicles. 
  • Display: The case is compact in order to be displayed easily on the truck. 

Features and benefits

  • Simulates signals and actuates sensors.
  • Can determine if the sensor, wiring, or computer signals are faulty. 
  • Verifies wiring connectivity between the sensor and computer systems. 
  • Has ohms, voltage, and square waveform settings, versatile for most applications.
  • 4A power drive activates and verifies operations of 2.5 to 12V components. 
  • Configurable single trace scope diagnoses signals generated by the sensor or from the vehicle on-board computer systems. 


The HU31035 Automotive Sensor Simulator was designed to provide an affordable diagnostic tool simplifying the process of determining if a sensor code or perceived sensor problem is actually the sensor, wiring issues, or a signal problem generated by the onboard computer system. Many diagnostic scan tools enable the technician to pull codes and verify voltage, signals are sent to sensors from the onboard computer system but fall short unable to test the actual sensor and the wiring connecting the sensor to the computer's system. The HU31035 addresses all these needs and more. 

Manufacturing/engineering specifications 

The HU31035 was designed and engineered in Europe by diagnostic engineers and technicians and produced in Taiwan using high-quality materials and manufacturing processes. 

Storage and display

The HU31035 is packaged individually in a black protective hard-shell case, 11” long by 8” tall by 3” deep. The ideal display would be case open, powered by 12V, in a high-traffic area where technicians look for diagnostic tools. 


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