In Focus: Groove Life Groove Belt

Oct. 4, 2023
Features a stretch design to stay in place for an all-day fit.

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The Groove Life Groove Belt is not associated with repairs or maintenance, but is geared toward an active lifestyle.  

Selling points

  • Designed for use in the shop, the office, the woods, the backyard, and more.
  • One-time adjustment.
  • Stretch designed for an all-day fit.
  • Proprietary webbing, neodymium magnets, and an A380 aluminum alloy buckle.

Features and benefits

The Groove Belt features stretch and a buckle that uses high strength, neodymium magnets for more efficient snap on and off.


The Groove Belt was made like many products from Groove Life are made, according to the company. After testing idea after idea, and experiencing many failures along the way, they came up with a product they believe users couldn't live without, the Groove Belt. 

Manufacturing/engineering specifications

This product is made of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent rubber - proprietary webbing, rare-earth neodymium magnets, and an A380 aluminum alloy buckle. It is assembled and designed in Tennessee. 

Storage and display

Units are shipped individually and come with a plastic hanger to be displayed in the truck.  

Suggested Retail Price

  • Brown Walnut Groove Belt: $64.95
  • Black Carbon Fiber Groove Belt: $74.95

For more information

Contact Spencer Pruitt at [email protected] or call 615-933-7791.

Information provided by Groove Life.

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