Most Wanted Tools: October 2022

Oct. 4, 2022
The Modular Tool Sets, Eagle Grip Locking Tools, and the JumpSurge3000 are some of the popular items among auto repair techs.

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The following products are among the most requested tools and equipment from recent issues of Professional Distributor's sister publication, PTEN. Perhaps you've already received requests about some of these items. Take a closer look at stocking them on your tool truck.

Modular Tool Sets

The GEARWRENCH Modular Tool Sets consist of multi-piece assortments of GEARWRENCH tools, each organized in a sturdy EVA foam tray with high-visibility size markings. 

Spray Gun Holder, No. 49600

The Lisle Corporation Spray Gun Holder, No. 49600, securely attaches to ferrous metal surfaces, including spray booth walls, mixing room walls, and workstation cabinets.

5-pc Long Taper Punch Set, No. 99800

The Platinum Tech 5-pc Long Taper Punch Set, No. 99800, has a self-centering nose that aligns holes for accurate assembly.

Surseat P51B Flare Lapping Tool

The Koul Tools Surseat P51B Flare Lapping Tool is designed to remove irregularities in flared tubing, leaving an ideal sealing surface.

Carbide Milling and Grinding Burrs Set, No. 297 001/KIT5

The Mueller-Kueps Carbide Milling and Grinding Burrs Set, No. 297 001/KIT5, can be used for any steel application, making it easier to drill out hard metals such as broken taps or drill bits. 

Eagle Grip Locking Tools

The Malco Products Eagle Grip Locking Tools are forged from premium American steel to deliver strong and reliable performance. 


The TOPDON JumpSurge3000 is a 3,000 peak amp jump starting tool and power bank for vehicles on and off the road.

Large Interlocking Storage Case with Compartment Inserts, No. SCL

The VIM Tools Large Interlocking Storage Case with Compartment Inserts, No. SCL, contains 15 small containers and five large containers inside to store bits, fasteners, repair kits, and many other things that need organizing.

XTREME 12V Max Cordless Ratchets

The DeWalt XTREME 12V Max Cordless Ratchets are designed with a glass-filled nylon tool housing that provides resistance to automotive fluids and solvents for use in automotive and other demanding applications.

7-pc Flip Socket Set, No. 7307

The CTA Manufacturing 7-pc Flip Socket Set, No. 7307, offers two hex sizes in one socket. 

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