Show Me Your Truck: Mark VanSchaick, Cornwell Quality Tools

Sept. 1, 2022
This Cornwell distributor likes being different by rolling up in his all blacked-out ride.

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Cornwell Quality Tools distributor Mark VanSchaick (a.k.a. Squeaks) has had his eye on a new truck for years. So, when his 2006 GMC C5500 started giving him problems, he decided to pull the trigger. In November 2021, he purchased a custom built 2022 22’ Freightliner Business Class M2.

The mobile tool dealer of over 12 years in the Lower Bucks County Pennsylvania area has been enjoying his new, all blacked-out truck. Everything from the cab, box, steps, bumper, grill, exterior trim, to the aftermarket wheels are black.

“It’s pretty blacked out,” VanSchaick says. “It’s definitely different.”

Why all black? “I’m not a fan of shiny or chrome,” he says. “I like to be different. I don’t like it when you pull up somewhere and you look like everybody else.”

Due to supply shortage, he couldn’t get the stacks that he wanted, but he said he most likely will for his next truck.

The black theme continues throughout the inside as well. Everything is black except for the trim, which is Cornwell blue.

Tweaking the layout

VanSchaick made a few tweaks to the original layout of the truck such as removing some display sections and moving others. One that he removed was the cordless tools display.

“I don’t like taking cordless tools out of the box,” he says. “Where are you going to put the extra batteries, chargers, and the bags? To me, that’s more I have to figure out where to store on the truck. And then when you sell the kit, I have to look for everything that I took out.”

In place of the cordless tools display, he put in a creeper display that was originally in the back and then expanded the shelves to show more merchandise.

He also added space for a microwave to eat a little healthier, along with a fridge for Bang energy drinks and a beef jerky display – both are popular hits with the customers.

Spic and span

VanSchaick is known to spend nights and weekends keeping his truck clean and rearranging product, noting that “it pays off.”

“The following week guys will think you just spent a ton of money buying new product,” he says.

On certain shelves, he’ll stand tools up on end, so techs have to grab it to look at it, while other items he likes to lay down to allow customers to easily see what it is. He will then rotate these items from time to time.

“It’s new scenery, so it’s not always the same stuff,” he says.

Future plans

“Keep going and keep growing,” VanSchaick says, looking to the future. “You can always improve and change.”

To help grow his business, the mobile tool dealer is looking to hire an assistant to accompany him on the road. This person would help with not only paperwork but also to run his Facebook page because as he admits, he’s not an active user or even likes to email for that matter. He’s more of a “phone call kind of guy.”

He also already has his eyes set on a new truck. Originally, he had wanted to go with a wide body cab. It wasn’t until after he purchased his current truck that he heard Kenworth came out with a new cab and chassis that he would like.

“They say it’s going to take a year to get the truck anyway,” he says sounding hopeful.  

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