Tool fair roundup

May 5, 2022
Highlights from Matco, Mac, and Cornwell shows.

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The Professional Distributor editorial team has been hitting the concrete pretty hard these past few months, attending distributor tool fairs. We may have seen you at the Matco Tools Expos in February in Las Vegas, the Mac Tools Tool Fair in Nashville in mid February, or the Cornwell Quality Tools Tool Rally in Orlando in April.

Whether you drive a truck for one of these flags or work as an independent, it’s important to keep up on what the competition is doing. Here are just a few takeaways from these recent shows.

Matco Tools

Product highlights at the show included the new RapAssist, a remote diagnostic and programming support multi-tool, through Matco’s partnership with Opus IVS. The device features IVS 360 Live Expert Support, built-in remote assist programming (RAP), OE-endorsed pre- and post-repair scanning, and a J2534 tool with a 5” touchscreen.

Matco Tools also unveiled their new 4s Series toolboxes, featuring aluminum overwrap handles, 28” depth, power drawer with a removeable tool holster, and 8” power strip with extra interior USB charging port.

Other new products displayed on the show floor included Limited Edition .85 HP Blue Pneumatic Die Grinders, Hyper-Step drill bit sets, magnetic wrench racks, adjustable parts trays that are also stackable, and Matco’s line of branded merchandise ranging from ice cream scoopers and sandwich makers to retractable back scratchers and tool-themed crayon sets.

Mac Tools

At the Mac Tools Tool fair, the company’s diagnostic scan tool platform, the ET9200 series was a key part of this show. The platform spans across three levels, giving users the opportunity to pick a scan tool based on their technical ability, the functionality of the tool, and how much they want to spend.

Another product highlight from the show is the new battery technology, PowerStack. It’s 50 percent more powerful than a standard 20V power DeWalt battery with a 50 percent runtime increase.

Additionally, in hand tools and hardlines, Mac is expanding their RBRT (rounded bolt removal technology) line with new 1/4" and short hex, as well as introducing a 4V power assist screwdriver.


Some exciting new Cornwell products were launched at the Cornwell tool rally, including a power crib tool storage solution for the company’s Platinum tool storage.

“It’s quite impressive,” said Don Russell, director of marketing. “It’s heavy. It’s got a lot of weight to it, but we have some slides on it, so when it’s fully loaded with tools, you can literally undo the latch and open it up with two fingers. It slides out like butter.”

Cornwell also released a new line of tools storage called the "Elite Series", which is meant for smaller areas and is a good starter box. This is something Cornwell is able to build out of its own plant at a very nice price point, Russell explained.

Lastly, Cornwell is introducing ratcheting wrenches with 120 teeth — a first for a mobile tool dealer company. This is sure to be a hit among technicians because the more teeth you have, the smaller the angle you have to turn a ratchet for it to engage — perfect for getting into tighter places.

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