In Focus: Electronic Specialties LOADpro and Backprobe Kit

May 3, 2022
This kit performs wiring integrity checks quickly, in just a few seconds, with the push of a button.

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The Electronic Specialties LOADpro and Back Probe Kit, No. 187, performs wiring integrity checks quickly, in just a few seconds. Problems are identified faster than traditional methods, the company says.

Selling points

  • Back probes and clips are a result of customer feedback from automotive technicians.
  • Works with the customer’s existing digital multimeter, it’s a value added accessory.
  • LOADpro is the easiest way to do a voltage drop test, the company says. It finds wiring faults.
  • Very popular with heavy duty techs; it’s an OEM tool for several manufacturers.

Features and benefits

LOADpro performs a voltage drop test with the push of a button. On a 12V system, pressing the switch applies a load of approximately 0.5A across the circuit. This simple test finds problems in corroded wires/connections and shorts to ground.

Voltage drop tests can be time consuming otherwise, requiring multiple measurements taken across multiple segments of a circuit. Instead, LOADpro does one, single point test and verifies circuit integrity at the component connector.

Circuit and wiring issues are identified much quicker than traditional point to point testing.


Wiring faults can be some of the most difficult diagnostic challenges. Often, the wire has corroded and only conducting through a few strands of copper. In a static state, 12V can be measured, fooling one to believe the circuit is healthy, but when the component is activated, say a fuel pump, the 5A that pump needs can’t pass through those three stands of copper. You have a wiring fault somewhere in the circuit. LOADpro verifies wiring problem or no wiring problem in just a few seconds. Push the button. If the voltage drops, you have a wiring problem. If the voltage doesn’t drop, your wiring and circuit are good. This method speeds up the diagnostic process greatly.

Manufacturing specs

The probe is designed to fit comfortably in the hand and give the feel of a traditional test lead. Many will leave LOADpro on their DMM as the regular test leads. Load of .5A is applied to 12V circuits and 1A on 24V circuits.

Storage and display

Place near your DMM’s and other circuit testers. LOADpro is well known in heavy duty, so anywhere those techs would be looking would be great.

Suggested retail price

MSRP $127.50

For more information

Contact Steve White at 1 (800) 227-1603

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