In Focus: Coast XPH34R Rechargeable Headlamp

June 3, 2021
Offers a multi-mode, rechargeable lighting solution that can be worn, carried, or attached to metallic surfaces for perfect beam positioning.
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Designed for constant use in rugged environments — from auto shops and factories to tarmacs and industrial building sites — the Coast XPH34R headlamp provides workers who use both hands on the job a multi-mode, rechargeable lighting solution that can be worn, carried, or attached to metallic surfaces for perfect beam positioning.

Features and benefits 

  • The rechargeable Dual Power technology saves the user time and money by eliminating the recurring cost of batteries, says the company. The recharging system in the XPH34R makes it possible to charge the Coast Zithion-X Li-ion battery without light, which means the user never has to plugin and sacrifice their headlamp while recharging.
  • The magnetic tail cap on the end of the light body doubles as an easy and efficient storage solution. Workers can magnetize their headlamp to the side of their tool chest or metal workbench for easy access to handsfree lighting. 
  • The XPH34R is a “front-loaded” headlamp, which means it has no wires or rear-mounted battery packs—making it easy to put on, comfortable to wear, and simple to use. 
  • The light body rolls in its bracket for dynamic directional lighting but can also detach to become a handheld flashlight.
  • The versatile headlamp is storm proof and dust-resistant.

Selling points 

  • The three-mode lighting with a max output of 2,075 lm on turbo mode offers users control over the brightness for a wide range of work scenarios.
  • A Twist Focus optic creates two beams in one, with the capability to transition between the Ultra View Flood Beam and the Bulls-Eye Spot Beam while maintaining edge-to-edge clarity. 
  • Coast's Dual Power technology enables the headlamp to run on either the included Zithion-X rechargeable Li-ion battery or on three AAA alkaline batteries.   


Handsfree lighting is the fastest growing product category at Coast. The company developed the XPH34R to provide a handsfree lighting solution, packed with proprietary innovations so that professionals who use headlamps every day would be covered. 

Manufacturing/engineering specifications

The XPH34R is built with an aluminum body and weighs 8 oz. The headlamp is engineered in Portland, Oregon, and made in China. 

Storage and display

Delivered in a merchandising-friendly “vending” box with a foam insert that securely holds and displays the headlamp, the XPH34R can be easily removed from the box, demonstrated to customers, and returned unchanged to the package if needed.  


To view a video demonstration of the XPH34R Rechargeable Headlamp, visit:

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For more information

Visit or contact Max Seely at [email protected].  

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