In Focus: Autel MaxiSYS Ultra

May 1, 2021
Offers Intelligent Diagnostics options with step-by-step repair guidance.
Ultra 08042020

The Autel MaxiSYS Ultra is a 12.9" touchscreen Android-based diagnostic tablet powered by an Octa-core processor with 256GB built-in memory. It features the MaxiFlash VCMI, a five-in-one communication and testing tool providing wireless vehicle communications between the vehicle and tablet, supporting the latest DoIP, D-PDU, and Mega CAN vehicle communication protocols. The VCMI also functions as a four-channel oscilloscope, waveform generator, multimeter, and CAN bus tester. The Ultra offers advanced vehicle diagnostics with its topology module mapping and Intelligent Diagnostics feature that guides the technician from code to repair to test with detailed repair information and illustrations. The Ultra comes with a rechargeable battery, a convenient docking station, and front and rear cameras.


The Autel MaxiSYS Ultra is designed to offer technicians step-by-step repair guidance by combining topology module mapping, enhanced AutoSCAN features, and Intelligent Diagnostics options. It’s compatible with U.S., Asian, and European vehicles 1996 and newer.

Features and benefits

  • Split-screen multi-application navigation provides diagnostic guidance and test components to confirm repairs.
  • Intelligent Diagnostics options with step-by-step repair guidance.
  • Enhanced AutoSCAN features.
  • One-touch vehicle service menu.
  • Other notable features include topology module mapping, complete bidirectional control active testing functionality, and module adaptation and coding.

Selling points

  • Advanced diagnostics for U.S., Asian, and European vehicles, including supercars, 1996 and newer.
  • Includes the MaxiFlash VCMI.
  • Fast and precise vehicle identification with AutoVIN and ScanVIN.
  • One year of software updates for expanded vehicle coverage and functionality is included; ADAS software upgrade available.


Autel developed the MaxiSYS Ultra to provide technicians with one system that could go from code to repair to testing confirmation with accuracy and confidence. The MaxiSYS Ultra offers fast vehicle identification, system and communications network topology mapping, and Intelligent Diagnostics repair resources and database. Additionally, with the MaxiFlash VCMI it supports the latest vehicle communication protocols.

Manufacturing/engineering specifications

The Android 7.0-based tablet features a 12.9” touchscreen display with a 2732 x 2048 resolution and is powered by an Octa-core processor (2.3GHz Quad + 1.7GHz Quad) with 256GB built-in memory. It has a 16-megapixel autofocus rear camera with flashlight, 5-megapixel front camera, rechargeable 18,000mAh battery, and is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled.

Storage and display

The Ultra is shipped in a hard plastic case, and includes a marketing sleeve highlighting its features, functions, and specification for quick reference. Autel recommends displaying the Ultra next to other scan tools on the truck and to power it on to allow technicians to flip through its screens to get a complete idea of its functionality.

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